Unscheduled Programs

Items shown in red are pending Board approval.


Sponsor Speaker Description
William Dick William Dick -- Scientech Club Historian TR's 1902 Visit to Indy: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 3/30/2022) President Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to campaign in the non general election years. He came to Indianapolis when a medical emergency happened to him.
Helmi Banta Greg Wright CFE -- Greg Wright is a Certified Fraud Examiner. How to Pass a Polygraph: (Sub: 4/6/2023) Russian and Cuban intelligence organizations have taught polygraph countermeasures to American spies, including Aldrich Ames (CIA), and Ana Belén Montes (Defense Intelligence Agency). Thus, they passed the U.S. government's polygraph and avoided capture for many years. This talk is about the polygraph device (also called a lie detector) and polygraph countermeasures.
Rick Whitener TDB The Scientech Dialogs: We will have a better world if we had more dedicated atheists / people of faith.: (Sub: 3/8/2024) This will be a dialog with two people and a moderator. Each discussant will present his/her case for 10 minutes. After the two presentations, the moderator and the two people in the dialog will ask each other questions for 20 minutes. Members of the audience will ask questions for the remainder of the time.
Christopher Moore Cliff Chapman -- President and CEO of the Central Indiana Land Trust. Previously was an ecologist for the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources as well as The Nature Conservancy. Oak forest regeneration studies at CILT preserves in Indiana.: (Sub: 5/30/2024) The Central Indiana Land Trust (CILT) manages twenty-two (22) land preserves in central Indiana. With the acquisition of each preserve, CILT develops a conservation program to enhance and protect each preserves natural features. Many times one of the preserve objectives is to convert existing farm fields to oak forests. CILT president & CEO Cliff Chapman will review CILT scientific studies aimed at regenerating oak forests at many of the CILT properties as improved habitat for animals, birds, insects, and the preserves bio diversity.
Karen Bumb Donna Riner -- Donna Riner, Assistant Manager, Eagle Creek Park Ornithology Center B.A. Environmental Biology, DePauw University 2020 Inside the Bird Brain: Training Birds of Prey: (Sub: 6/5/2024) Join Donna Riner, for a presentation about her experience attending Avian Behavior International's Bird of Prey Workshop in Escondido, California. During this presentation you will get an inside look at how avian behavior science and progressive training techniques from this experience are applied at the Ornithology Center within their raptor ambassador program.
Linda Karwisch Jerry Karwowski -- Retired Senior Vice President, InvestmentOfficer, Wells Fargo Advisors Carried the torch for the 1996 OlympicsIn Sports Corp. Kiwanis, Partners of the Americas, Perry Township Education Foundation, Kappa Sigma Fraternity Olympics, Russian and South America history, travel, grandchildren. Fiesta Bowl Charities, Arizona Sports and Entertainment Commission.. The Best We’ve Got “ He Is Living A Perfect Game”: (Sub: 6/8/2024) Celebrating one of the great human- rights champions of our time From the dirt poor alleys of Anderson, Indiana, to a storied career with the Brooklyn Dodgers’ fabled “Boys of Summer.” Carl Erskine lived the American Dream - and spent his lifetime giving it to others Without Carl Erskine, we would not have the Special Olympics International. Erskine with the the support of teammates, Jackie Robinson and Johnny Wilson, advocated for 60 years for people with intellectual disabilities such as his son Jimmy.. Carl helped effect profound social change through his core values of grace, humility and servant leadership. The Carl Erskine’s Story..


Sponsor Description
Russel.l Judd Life and art of Bob Ross: (Sub: 7/3/2021) Bob Ross was an iconic painter whose art shows were taped by PBS in Muncie. Ross was a complex person who captured a large audience with his program “The Joy of Painting”. We are waiting until the museum has a guided tour option to present this tour to the board.
Russel.l Judd Tour Grand Park. Multiple facilities and location of proposed astronomy building: (Sub: 9/22/2021) Grand Park is a large multiuser facility for all kinds of sports. The area around Grand Park is growing because of it’s presence. Expansion plans include an astronomy building.. A tour in April would be appropriate since it is nearby and members can easily drive there
Rick Whitener RDM Aquaculture tour: (Sub: 7/27/2022) RDM Aquaculture was featured in an Indianapolis Star article on July 25th. They are located in Fowler, Indiana, about 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the NESC. They grow shrimp for both retail and commercial customers. RDM Aquaculture is the 2015 winner of the Indiana Innovation Award. The tour is about 1 hour and includes a powerpoint presentation, a walk through the tanks and other parts of the production facility and a time for questions. They can easily accommodate 40-60 people. The cost to the facility is $5 per person. Since the trip is outside the Indy area, it would make sense to hire a bus and driver for this event. We might also want to have a lunch stop after the tour.
Russell Judd Visit to Fair Oaks Farm: (Sub: 7/30/2022) Learn about big dairy, animal and crop production. Located 107 miles or 1 hour and 40 minutes away from our meeting location.
Becky Lomax-Sumner Tour of RLL Racing World Headquarters: (Sub: 10/27/2022) Tour of the new headquarters on 106th.Street. A Tour will include the garages and up close demonstrations of the cars. Tour is limited to 20 people. All kinds of racing cars,oval track and sporting cars are there.