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William H. Dick, M.D. William H. Dick, M.D. -- Scientech Club Historian The Erie Canal: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 1/6/2019) The Erie Canal affected our nation by lowering shipping costs by 90% across NY State. It made NYC the "London of the United States."
B Milton Cuppy Jr Wes Jordan -- Forensic Engineer Rimkus Company Building & construction Failures: (Emergency Use ONLY)(Sub: 7/23/2019) All kinds of different failures caused by time, plans, construction, weather, earth quakes, hail, etc.
Lyman H. Wolfla II Glenn J. Bingle, MD, PhD, MACP -- Medical Director, Genetic Services & Counseling Community Hospital of Indianapolis The The Genetics of Aging and How to live longer: (Sub: 9/11/2019) This talked is based on David Sinclair, Ph.D. of Harvard Univ. Lifespan: Why we age and why we don't have to.


Sponsor Description
Russell judd Tour of the Indiana Medical History Museum: (Sub: 4/15/2019) To get more acquainted with medical history of care at Central Hospital Nd see artifacts, furnishings and equipment used to treat patients and also to teach medical students