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William Dick William Dick -- Scientech Club Historian TR's 1902 Visit to Indy: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 3/30/2022) President Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to campaign in the non general election years. He came to Indianapolis when a medical emergency happened to him.
Helmi Banta Greg Wright CFE -- Greg Wright is a Certified Fraud Examiner. How to Pass a Polygraph: (Sub: 4/6/2023) Russian and Cuban intelligence organizations have taught polygraph countermeasures to American spies, including Aldrich Ames (CIA), and Ana Belén Montes (Defense Intelligence Agency). Thus, they passed the U.S. government's polygraph and avoided capture for many years. This talk is about the polygraph device (also called a lie detector) and polygraph countermeasures.
Karen Bumb Robert Pascuzzi MD -- Dr. Pascuzzi was raised in South Bend, IN, and is a graduate of IU and IU Medical School. He did a residency and fellowship at the University of Virginia, returned to IU Health in 1985 as a faculty member, and served as former Chair of the Neurology Department. His research interests include therapeutic trials for neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, and Lambert-Eaton Syndrome. He has held leadership and editorial roles in neurologic publications and has been a director and past president of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He has given presentations in the past on ALS and neurologic problems of famous muscians. Neurology Cases of US Presidents: (Sub: 6/5/2023) This discussion will highlight a handful of US Presidents who experienced neurological illness. These stories illustrate the impact that neurological disorders can have not only on patients but also on events in history. Remembering these famous Presidents allows us to reflect on how far we have come and where we are headed including the efforts to combat serious neurological disease.
William H. Dick William H. Dick -- Scientech Club Historian The Silk Road: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 6/21/2023) Nearly all of us know about the Silk Road. But where was it? When did it exist and for how long? This presentation will explain where the Silk Road was, and what was traded on the Road. Plus - there was a surprise visitor in the Road.
Rick Whitener Richard Gunderman -- Richard is Professor of Radiology at the IU School of Medicine. He is a Scientech Member and frequent contributor. Walt Whitman in civil war hospitals: (Sub: 8/10/2023) Many know Walt Whitman as a great American poet. Fellow bard Ezra Pound called him “America’s poet,” writing “He is America,” 1 and the critic Harold Bloom wrote, “If you are American, then Walt Whitman is your imaginative father and mother.” United States President Bill Clinton was in the habit of giving copies of Whitman’s magnum opus, Leaves of Grass, to people he befriended. However, what many people don’t know is that Whitman spent most of the Civil War in hospitals near Washington, DC, working as a volunteer at the bedsides of thousands of wound- ed and sick soldiers. For this American greatest poet, life’s deepest lessons were to be found at the bedside, a lesson that should not be lost on physicians and patients today
Don Knebel Don Knebel -- Don Knebel is a Scientech Club member. He retired as a partner in Barnes & Thornburg LLP in 2013 , where he was a patent litigator. Since 2011 he has been Senior Advisor and Adjunct Professor at the Center for Intellectual Property Research at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Also since 2011, he has written a weekly travel column for the Current newspapers. He is a frequent speaker to community groups and churches on international travel, religious history and religious diversity. He spoke to Scientech about Roman Influences on Christianity on October 3, 2022. Learning to Fly: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 8/23/2023) This presentation will photographically visit sites in Indiana and Ohio important to the Wright Brothers' interest in flying and in their eventual mastery of heavier than air flight. The sites visited will include the birthplace of Wilbur Wright near New Castle that is now a museum, the Wright Brothers' bicycle shop and print shop in Dayton, the Hoffman Prairie field where they learned to fly in 1905, Carillon Historical Park (which displays both a Wright Brothers bicycle and their 1905 airplane), the Wright Brothers' graves, and a memorial to them overlooking Hoffman Prairie Field. The presentation will include engineering details about controlled flight and their first patent.
William Dick William Dick -- Scientech Club Historian The Cure For St. Anthony's Fire. Dawn of the Antimicrobial Age. : (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 8/28/2023) St. Anthony's Fire was an illness caused by Streptococcus germ. It caused a rash, fever and could be fatal. In the 11th century, no one knew the cause. In the early 1900's Sulfa was discovered. It would be until the 1930's before it was used to treat infections and save lives. More antibiotics were discovered and the things were never the same.
Judy Weitzman Laura Graf -- Owner/Operator LGI Landscaping LLC Accredited Horticulturist Licensed Nursery Dealer PlantRight certified installer Invasive Plants in Indiana - the harm and the response: (Sub: 8/28/2023) Laura is a very talented landscape artist and horitculturist. She is passionate about the very real harm caused by invasive plants in Indiana, and the very real harm they cause. Laura is teaching me how to identify invaders and how to effectively eliminate them. I learn something from her every time we meet.
M.P. Meisenheimer Jon T. Macy -- Associate Professor, Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University School of Public Health, Bloomington Prevention of Gun Violence: (Sub: 9/5/2023) The speaker will review the problems of gun suicide and homicide and discuss his current research in this field.
Rick Whitener Richard Gunderman -- Dr. Richard Gunderman is the John A Campbell Professor of Radiology at the IU School of Medicine. He is a Scientech Club member and frequent program contributor. John Locke - Philosopher and Physician: (Sub: 9/6/2023) John Locke is well known as the principal philosophical inspiration for the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but far fewer people know that he was a physician and practiced medicine most of his adult life. In fact, many of Locke's great ideas can be traced to his experiences caring for patients, and they have great relevance and even urgency for contemporary medicine and biomedical science.
Self Richard W. Garrett -- Former Eli Lilly Executive, Former Clinical Associate Professor at the Kelley School of Business, IU B'ton, Former management consultant, Attended DePauw University 2 yrs, no degree, Attended Purdue University earning a BS in Industrial Engineering, and Masters in same, Earner PhD in Operations Research (1968) from Northwestern Univ. He has been researching educational reform since 2013. US Education Is in Trouble, Let's Fix It! 22 Reform Proposals: (Sub: 10/1/2023) This is Dick Garrett's 2nd book on educational reform. The above title was released by publisher Rowman and Littlefield in Aug., 2023. The contents of the book will be introduced in an easy take 20 minute video produced by book publicist Book Trib. Upon the completion of the 20 min. video, the balance of the time will be spent answering questions. Garrett will emphasize the short list of items that should lead the reform parade.


Sponsor Description
Russel.l Judd Life and art of Bob Ross: (Sub: 7/3/2021) Bob Ross was an iconic painter whose art shows were taped by PBS in Muncie. Ross was a complex person who captured a large audience with his program “The Joy of Painting”. We are waiting until the museum has a guided tour option to present this tour to the board.
Russel.l Judd Tour Grand Park. Multiple facilities and location of proposed astronomy building: (Sub: 9/22/2021) Grand Park is a large multiuser facility for all kinds of sports. The area around Grand Park is growing because of it’s presence. Expansion plans include an astronomy building.. A tour in April would be appropriate since it is nearby and members can easily drive there
Rick Whitener RDM Aquaculture tour: (Sub: 7/27/2022) RDM Aquaculture was featured in an Indianapolis Star article on July 25th. They are located in Fowler, Indiana, about 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the NESC. They grow shrimp for both retail and commercial customers. RDM Aquaculture is the 2015 winner of the Indiana Innovation Award. The tour is about 1 hour and includes a powerpoint presentation, a walk through the tanks and other parts of the production facility and a time for questions. They can easily accommodate 40-60 people. The cost to the facility is $5 per person. Since the trip is outside the Indy area, it would make sense to hire a bus and driver for this event. We might also want to have a lunch stop after the tour.
Russell Judd Visit to Fair Oaks Farm: (Sub: 7/30/2022) Learn about big dairy, animal and crop production. Located 107 miles or 1 hour and 40 minutes away from our meeting location.
Becky Lomax-Sumner Tour of RLL Racing World Headquarters: (Sub: 10/27/2022) Tour of the new headquarters on 106th.Street. A Tour will include the garages and up close demonstrations of the cars. Tour is limited to 20 people. All kinds of racing cars,oval track and sporting cars are there.
Rick Whitener A summer afternoon at the flying field: (Sub: 5/30/2023) Club members and guests are invited to visit the flying field on one of the Monday afternoons in August after the Scientech meeting to see remote controlled model aircraft. There is parking for around 20 cars so we will encourage carpooling. The address of the property is 3881 N. 1000 East, Sheridan, IN 46069. Club members are invited to bring along chairs and a picnic for after the flying demonstrations. It takes about 30-35 minutes of driving time from the Northside Events Center to get to the field. We plan to start around 2:00 PM and wrap up around 4:00 PM. Sign-ups will be done using Eventbrite as a test for using this facility for tours and other special events in the future.