The Scientech Club Program Calendar

Until further notice, all presentations and meetings are via Zoom Teleconferencing.


3/1/2021 --- Discovering the Universe

Speaker: Prof. Fritz kleinhans --- More to come later A Professor retired from IUPUI, an Astronomer (Email: (Sponsored By: Dick Carter)

Discovering the Universe = How humanity has discovered what is out there! The timing, the instruments, and the science discoveries that have evolved.

3/2/2021 --- Board Meeting

3/8/2021 --- Gone (NOT) Phishing

Speaker: Joann K. Davis --- Program Director Emeritus, International Systems Security Association Chicago Chapter, Retired Cyber Security Sales Engineer. I spent over 40 years selling and supporting Technology Solutions for startup companies including Wang Labs (First Indianapolis Sales & Support Rep), Compaq Computer Corporation, Network General Corporation and many Cyber Security companies since acquired by Cisco, McAfee and others. I have spoken on Network Performance and Cyber Security at regional conferences and was in charge of a Cyber Security Conference in Chicago for many years which was held on a Cruise Ship at Navy Pier. I am a member of InfraGard, sponsored by the FBI, and the Chicago Electronic Crimes Task Force sponsored by the Secret Service. (Email: (Sponsored By: JOANN KAY DAVIS)

One of the biggest risks we as individuals face is the constant threat of malicious phishing emails and messages seeking to steal our private information. I plan to use actual examples I am now collecting of these emails and messages as I receive them. I also have a lot of background information to share on cyber security in general and tips on staying safe on Facebook and the internet.

3/15/2021 --- Our Bizarre Universe

Speaker: Greg McCauley --- Director Link Observatory (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Strange and unusual facts about our universe.

3/22/2021 --- Who's Managing the Fish? A Commentary on the Fishes of the Great Lakes

Speaker: Thomas Lauer --- Dr. Lauer is the Distinguished Professor of Biology Emeritus at Ball State University is a member of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Advisory Board. He has spent most of his professional career working with Great Lakes fishes. He is also a Scientech member and has also given a number of talks at Scientech, including participation in the most recent Nobel Prize winners for 2019. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb Lauer)

Canada and the United States share the Great Lakes fishery, a binational treasure worth more than $7 billion annually to the people of the two nations. The fishery attracts millions of anglers, supports valuable commercial and charter fishing, is a mainstay for native peoples, and is the very fabric of a healthy environment. The Great Lakes Fishery Commission, operating through the 1954 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries, today facilitates successful cross-border cooperation that ensures the two nations work together to improve and perpetuate this fishery. While the lakes fall under the jurisdictions of two nations, eight states, one province, and several tribes, the fishery resources do not observe political boundaries. Canada and the United States recognized decades ago that the best way to manage and sustain the fishery is through continuous, binational cooperation.

3/29/2021 --- Radio station W9VW

Speaker: Lyman (Hank) Wolfla --- Purdue University AAS 1967, BS 1968 (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Hank Wolfla K9LZJHas been a ham radio operator for 63 years. He will discuss how to get a license and what you need to know. He will give a powerpoint presentation followed by a Youtube video show2ing W9VW, a station that he and 5 other hams have constructed in Greenfield. This station can be operated from anywhere in the world, and he routinely uses it operating from Perth, Australia. W9Vw routinely ranks in the top 5% of large radio stations in the USA.

4/5/2021 --- Manifest Destiny: President James K. Polk, 11th President of United States

Speaker: William H. Dick --- Scientech Club Historian (Email: (Sponsored By: William H. Dick)

James K. Polk was president during the Mexican War and that secured much of the Southwest for the U.S. He also settled the Oregon border dispute with England. He was the only president who was speaker of the House. He announced that gold had been discovered in California.

4/6/2021 --- Board Meeting

4/12/2021 --- Bats of Indiana(and Beyond)

Speaker: Ryan Slack --- Ryan has a BS from Purdue in Wildlife Science. He is a principal at an environmental consulting firm called CEC. He is also their Ecological Practice lead, coordinating projects involving threatened and endangered species, The Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy. He holds CEC's Federal Bat Scientific Collecting Permit. (Email: (Sponsored By: Becky Lomax)

He will touch upon everything from myths surrounding bats, their specialized anatom, habitats and conservation, why they are important, the threats they face, bat species native to Indiana, the truth about bats and rabies and the latest in bat call analysis.

4/19/2021 --- (TBA)

4/26/2021 --- Ernie Pyle: The Solder's Friend

Speaker: Ray Boomhower --- Senior Editor Traces Magazine Indiana Historical Society (Email: (Sponsored By: William H. Dick)

Erne Pyle was from Dana, IN. He attended at Indiana University. studying Journalism. He served in military in WW II, based in N. Africa, Italy and the Far East. Pyle earned a Pulitzer Prize in 1944 for a column about Cpt. Waskow. He died at the hands of a sniper on a Japanese island in 1945.

5/3/2021 --- (TBA)

5/4/2021 --- Board Meeting

5/10/2021 --- (TBA)

5/17/2021 --- (TBA)

5/24/2021 --- (TBA)

6/1/2021 --- Board Meeting

6/7/2021 --- the future of music and radio

Speaker: Jim Meyer --- CEO Sirius xm holdings, inc 2012 to present. St Bonaventure University Bachelors and mba. board of directors pandora media llc, rovi corp. Also involved in indy 500 racing. (Email: (Sponsored By: peggy Sabens)

7/6/2021 --- Board Meeting

8/3/2021 --- Board Meeting

9/7/2021 --- Board Meeting

10/5/2021 --- Board Meeting

11/2/2021 --- Board Meeting

12/7/2021 --- Board Meeting