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2/13/2023 --- Uncovering the Silenced Stories of Institutional Life: Suffering and Death at Indiana's Central State Hospital

Speaker: Dr Jeremy Wilson --- Dr. Jeremy Wilson is an Associate Professor & Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at IUPUI. (Email: (Sponsored By: Sarah Halter & Karen Bumb)(ID: 1821)

In November of 2020, construction on the site of the IMPD Canine Unit headquarters disturbed 13 graves in the old Central State Hospital cemetery adjacent to the Indiana Medical History Museum. During this presentation Dr. Wilson will present some of his team’s findings from their analysis of human remains excavated from those graves.

2/20/2023 --- (TBA)

2/27/2023 --- (TBA)

3/6/2023 --- Lou Gehrig and The World’s Most Feared Disease

Speaker: Robert Pascuzzi, MD --- Dr. Pascuzzi was raised in South Bend IN and is a graduate of IU and IU Medical School. He did a residency and fellowship at the University of Virginia, and returned to IU Health in 1985 as a faculty member and also served as Chair of the Neurology Department. His research interests include therapeutic trials for neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, Myasthenia Gravis and Lambert-Eaton Syndrome. He has held leadership and editorial roles in neurologic publications and has been a director and also past president of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb)(ID: 1818)

Using Lou Gehrig’s personal story, the essential features of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis will be illustrated and serve as a framework for new developments in the progress towards effective treatment. Stunning results from Lou Gehrig’s own participation in an investigational treatment for ALS will illustrate critical pearls and pitfalls in the design, implementation, and interpretation of clinical trials for ALS and other degenerative brain diseases.

3/13/2023 --- (TBA)

3/20/2023 --- (TBA)

3/27/2023 --- (TBA)

4/3/2023 --- (TBA)

4/10/2023 --- Geology, Water and Climate

Speaker: Robert Barr --- Robert Barr is a Geologist and Research Scientist for the Center for Earth and Environmental Science at IUPUI. Hydrology is his specialty. (Email: (Sponsored By: Rick Whitener)(ID: 722)

This talk will cover the precipitation patterns in the US and worldwide. He provides evidence that precipitation is coming in increasingly severe events. The presentation also includes information about the severe drought conditions in the US west as well as the latest reports on CO2 emissions with some hopeful trends included.

4/17/2023 --- Antarctica:Personal Encounters with the white continent

Speaker: James Lowery --- Former Employment: Director of Management Support Services University of Alabama at Birmingham James Lowery is retired from an administrative position at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and considers himself an “Amateur Scientist.” He is involved in environmental education and is a member of twelve Boards of Directors, Advisory Councils, and Commissions including ones related to environmental education, water quality monitoring, river protection, science and science research, historic railroads, an impact crater, and a retiree association. He serves as an officer on five of the Boards. He gives presentations concerning constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, creeks and streams he has walked, the Historic Birmingham Mineral Railroad, the Wetumpka (Alabama) Impact Crater, the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, Antarctica, and the Netherlands. He conducts guided tours of the Wetumpka (Alabama) Impact Crater (Astrobleme) as well as interpretive guided tours of Shades Creek and local historic railroad sites. He enjoys being on local streams and rivers as a member of the Friends of Shades Creek, the Birmingham Canoe Club, and other river organizations; viewing the daytime and nighttime sky as a member of the Birmingham Astronomical Society; and hunting fossils as a member of the Alabama Paleontological Society. James has traveled to Antarctica six times and states that it is his most favorite place on Earth. He also has traveled on the waters of southeast Alaska assisting with whale acoustics research. (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt)(ID: 741)

A Presentation by: James Lowery 3402 Altamont Road Birmingham, AL 35205 Home (205) 252-5337 Cell (205) 908-0179 Method: Video and PowerPoint presentation Audio-visual Equipment Needed (if necessary, the presenter can bring these): Laptop Computer Computer Projector Screen Summary of Presentation: This presentation features a drone video produced by the ship’s crew on Mr. Lowery’s sixth trip to Antarctica. He will narrate the video and will talk about first-hand experiences in Antarctica – and, yes, including penguins. The science of “dynamic soaring” as used by the seabirds of the Southern Ocean will be explained. The presentation is from the standpoint of a “tourist traveler” or “amateur scientist” and includes science and wildlife of the region – seabirds, penguins, whales, seals – as well as views of the land, ice, icebergs, and glaciers.

4/24/2023 --- (TBA)

5/1/2023 --- (TBA)

5/8/2023 --- (TBA)

5/15/2023 --- (TBA)

5/22/2023 --- (TBA)

6/5/2023 --- (TBA)

6/12/2023 --- (TBA)

6/19/2023 --- (TBA)

6/26/2023 --- (TBA)

7/10/2023 --- (TBA)

7/17/2023 --- (TBA)

7/24/2023 --- (TBA)

7/31/2023 --- (TBA)

8/7/2023 --- (TBA)

8/14/2023 --- (TBA)

8/21/2023 --- (TBA)

8/28/2023 --- (TBA)

9/11/2023 --- (TBA)

9/18/2023 --- (TBA)

9/25/2023 --- (TBA)

10/2/2023 --- (TBA)

10/9/2023 --- (TBA)

10/14/2023 --- ANNUAL Dinner (at Woodland Country Club) Speakers: Wolfla, Bingle, Kurlander - Diamonds

10/16/2023 --- (TBA)

10/30/2023 --- (TBA)

11/6/2023 --- (TBA)

11/13/2023 --- (TBA)

11/20/2023 --- (TBA)

11/27/2023 --- (TBA)

12/4/2023 --- (TBA)

12/11/2023 --- (TBA)

1/8/2024 --- (TBA)

4/8/2024 --- Total Solar Eclipse - 3:00 PM EDT Indy is in totality, Franklin, Knightstown on centerline