The Scientech Club Program Calendar

Meetings at the Northside Events Center & Social Club, 2100 E 71st Street, have begun for those who choose to attend in person. A Zoom option with links on the website will continue through December 2021.

All Scientech in-person participants are required to show proof of Covid 19 vaccination (using their card or a photo of the card) prior to entry into the Ballroom. No exceptions will be allowed for entry! Records of vaccination status will be recorded for future events.People who are fully vaccinated and have had a known exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 (Defined as being within eight feet proximity of a suspected or confirmed covid risk person for 15 minutes or more) should be tested 3-5 days after exposure and must wear a mask in any indoor settings for 14 days or until they receive a negative test result. Hence, eating or drinking will NOT be allowed during the entire meeting time and social distancing would be required.


1/24/2022 --- Indiana's space connection

Speaker: Eric Williamson --- Purdue Space Program students led by grad student Eric Williamson (Email: (Sponsored By: Tom Lunsford)

These enthusiastic students in Purdue's space program eagerly share Indiana's space connection and introduce the new possibility of a private. first-class journey into the great unknown! They are articulate, well informed, and excited about the program. Speakers will be presenting remotely due to University policy at this time. Club members are welcome join either at the Northside Event Center or via Zoom.

1/31/2022 --- Insulin at 100: Indianapolis, Toronto, Woods Hole and the “Insulin Road”

Speaker: Kathi Badertscher, Ph.D. --- Dr, Badertscher is the Director of Graduate Programs and lecturer at the Eli Lilly School of Philanthropy after working in the corporate sector for 25 years. Her doctoral thesis is on Indianapolis philanthropy. (Email: (Sponsored By: Helmi Banta)

Covers the contributions of the team at Eli Lilly and Co to bring the discovery of insulin, at the University of Toronto, into large scale production for access by physicians and patients. She demonstrates how a large pharmaceuticals can be accountable to its shareholders while saving millions of lives. Also focuses on the collaboration of pharmaceutical firms, academia and government as the best avenue for innovation. Speaker will present in person.

2/7/2022 --- The History of Oil

Speaker: David Woll --- David Woll CEO of He has been a Scientech member since July 2018. (Email: (Sponsored By: David Woll)

David is a third generation independent oil producer spanning almost one hundred years. His subtopics will range from geology to fracking and from real estate law to taxes and everything in between. Speaker will present in person.

2/14/2022 --- The Texas Liberators: Witnesses to the Holocaust

Speaker: Dr. Aliza Wong --- Interim Dean, Honors College Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation Professor Professor, Honors College and History Texas Tech University (Email: ) (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

With support of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission, Dr. Wong and Texas Tech University created the Texas Liberator Project as a means of introducing the wider public to the experiences of U.S. soldiers who were witnesses to and actors in the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camps and serve as a portal to furthering Holocaust and genocide awareness and education. The multi-pronged project includes an education app; a website that features interactive maps, an Honor Roll of veteran liberators, bibliographies, filmographies and teacher resources; a traveling exhibit; and a book that has been provided free of charge to every public and private middle and high school in Texas. The speaker will present remotely.

2/21/2022 --- (TBA)

2/28/2022 --- (TBA)

3/7/2022 --- The Science of Smell Loss

Speaker: Dr. Subinoy Das --- Now in private practice, Dr. Das is the former director of the Ohio State University Sinus and Allergy Center. Recognized as one of the nation's best sinus surgeons, he has received multiple award, included being named to the America's Best Doctors list, an honor given only to the top 5 % of surgeons in the country. His NIH-funded research was award the 2013 Fowler Award (the top basic science research award in otolaryngology) for his work on detecting the cause of sinus infections. He is also known for his work on Empty Nose Syndrome (Email: (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

CoViD-19 has damaged the chemosensory system (smell and taste) in greater than 90 % of patients. While most patients have regained their sense of smell and taste, many patient continue to suffer from persistent deficits. This talk will discuss the remarkable specificity of and introductory science about our sense of smell, with olfactory receptors encoded by more than 1000 genes. We will discuss how SARS-C0V-2 manages to damage our sense of smell despite olfactory neurons lacking a binding site for the virus. Finally we'll discuss simple strategies to help people regain their damaged sense of smell and tasted.

3/14/2022 --- (TBA)

3/21/2022 --- (TBA)

3/28/2022 --- (TBA)

4/4/2022 --- The Genetics of Aging and How to Live Longer

Speaker: Glenn J. Bingle, MD, PhD, MACP --- Medical Director, Genetic Services & Counseling Community Hospital of Indianapolis (Email: (Sponsored By: Lyman H. Wolfla II)

This talked is based on David Sinclair, Ph.D. of Harvard Univ. Lifespan: Why we age and why we don't have to.

4/11/2022 --- (TBA)

4/18/2022 --- (TBA)

4/25/2022 --- (TBA)

5/2/2022 --- (TBA)

5/9/2022 --- (TBA)

5/16/2022 --- (TBA)

5/23/2022 --- (TBA)

6/6/2022 --- (TBA)

6/13/2022 --- (TBA)

6/20/2022 --- (TBA)

6/27/2022 --- (TBA)

7/11/2022 --- (TBA)