NOTICE: Starting in August and beyond, Zoom Monday meetings will be held every Monday
except Sept. 7 (Labor Day), and December 21, and 28 (Christmas Season).


12/7/2020 --- Recommended Adult Immunizations (and a bit more)

Speaker: Teresa Trierweiler MD. --- B.A. Earlham College M.D. Ohio State University (Email: (Sponsored By: Marty Meisenheimer or Dick Carter)

This will be a discussion of present adult immunization guidelines for the US from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) found online at The name of the immunization (disease protected from), side effects and benefits will briefly be discussed. Generally speaking immunizations have saved millions of lives with few and small side effects. On average immunizations cost one tenth of the amount to fight (treat) the disease.

12/8/2020 --- Board Meeting

12/14/2020 --- The Scientech Foundation

Speaker: Joe Abella --- (Email: (Sponsored By: George Cunningham)

A discussion of the Scienntech Foundation and those programs which it supports.

12/14/2020 --- Annual Meeting/Election -- Followed by Talk

12/21/2020 --- Christmas Holiday -- No Meeting

12/28/2020 --- New Year's Holiday -- No Meeting

1/4/2021 --- Drugs Down the Drain

Speaker: Dr. Melody Bernot --- Professor of Biology Ball State University Associate Provost of Undergraduate Education BSU (Email: (Sponsored By: Tom Lauer)

Pharmaceuticals are commonly found in our natural waterways. Entrance to this habitat has been increasingly from individuals that simply flush drugs down the drain, where they end up throughout our envieronment. This presentation will discuss the widespread distribution of these drugs in the U.S. and specifically some of the drugs commonly seen.

1/11/2021 --- Suicide in the U.S. Current Data & Interventions

Speaker: S. Conroy --- Phd Neuroscience IU M.D. IUSM (Email: (Sponsored By: Marvin Miller)

There are 40,000 deaths by suicide in the U.S. each year, and despite advances in mental health treatment, the suicide rate has continued to rise each year since 1999. This talk will include the demographics and characteristics of suicide in the U.S. There will be a brief discussion of neuroscientific research , and an overview of interventions to mitigate various suicidal behavior.

1/18/2021 --- One Year History of the NeuroDiagnostic Institute

Speaker: Jerry Sheward MD --- Medical Director of Mental Health Division of Family and Social Services of the State of Indiana (Email: (Sponsored By: Marvin Miller)

Will review current status of treatment of persons with severe mental illnesses and the NDI Hospital.

1/25/2021 --- IU Mobile Stroke Unit: Primary Stroke Center on Wheels

Speaker: Dr. Jason Mackey --- Associate Professor of Neurology at IU School of Medicine, Associate Director of the Stroke Program-IU Methodist,Director of the Mobile Stroke Van at IU Methodist, Oversees the Cerebrovascular Outcomes Center and has a special interest in intracerebral hemorrhage imaging and outcomes. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb )

Acute ischemic stroke is the leading cause of disability and a highly time-sensitive condition. Reperfusion of occluded brain vessels is critical but requires head imaging. Mobile Stroke Units are ambulances equipped with CT scanners so that we can bring stroke diagnosis and treatment to the pre-hospital setting. The IU mobile stroke unit is one of about 20 in the United States and is part of a national trial that is testing this new way to deliver care.

2/1/2021 --- (TBA)

2/8/2021 --- Discovering New Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Speaker: Dr. Katherine L. Rhode --- Katherine Rhode is an Associate Professor in the department of Astronomy at IU, Bloomington. She has a BA in physics from Sonoma State U, a MA in astronomy from Wesleyan U. and a PhD in astronomy from Yale. She and her students study the origin and evolution of galaxies with space and ground based telescopes. (Email: (Sponsored By: Malcolm Mallette)

Over the past decade, surveys have revealed the presence of dozens of low-mass "dwarf" galaxies in the neighborhood around our home galaxy, the Milky Way. She will explain how she is using data from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico and the WIYN optical telescope in Arizona to find new galaxies in the neighborhood of our galaxy.

2/15/2021 --- John Evans, His Life and Times

Speaker: Richard Gunderman, M.D. --- Indiana University Professor of Radiology B.A. Wabash College M.D. University of Chicago (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Afounder of Central State Hospital, Founder of Northwestern University and the University of Denver. Second Territorial Govenor of Colorado. ,

2/22/2021 --- Nutritional Aspects of Human Space Flight

Speaker: Sara Rathman Zwart --- Ph.D. Florida University, Postdoc NASA Johnson Space Center Senior Scientist & Deputy Manager for Nutritional Biochemistry, NASA Johnson Space Center (Email: (Sponsored By: John Rathman)

A discussion of the space food system and operational activities and research projects currently being conducted in NASA's Nutritional Biochemistry Laboratory.

3/1/2021 --- Discovering the Universe

Speaker: Prof. Fritz kleinhans --- More to come later A Professor retired from IUPUI, an Astronomer (Email: (Sponsored By: Dick Carter)

Discovering the Universe = How humanity has discovered what is out there! The timing, the instruments, and the science discoveries that have evolved.

3/8/2021 --- (TBA)

3/15/2021 --- (TBA)

3/22/2021 --- (TBA)

3/29/2021 --- (TBA)

4/5/2021 --- 1492--The Gift of Tobacco.


From Colonial America until the Civil War the preferred tobacco use was the (a) CHEW, (b) SNUFF, (c) PIPE and (d) CIGAR. The ingredients were absorbed through the oral or nasal cavities. Cigarettes were made from the sweepings on the factory floors and were for the poor to roll their own. A milder Bright Leaf tobacco was produced in 1839 and a cigarette rolling machine was perfected in 1884 prompting J.B.Duke of Durham to promote cigarettes which were mild enough to be inhaled for instant effect. Immigrants doubled the USA population during 1880-1910 and city life favored the more sanitary cigarettes. World War I intensified the need for a more convenient smoke. Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage further encouraged tobacco use until by 1950 half the US population smoked.

4/12/2021 --- (TBA)

4/19/2021 --- (TBA)

4/26/2021 --- (TBA)

5/3/2021 --- (TBA)

5/10/2021 --- (TBA)

5/17/2021 --- (TBA)

5/24/2021 --- (TBA)

6/7/2021 --- the future of music and radio

Speaker: Jim Meyer --- CEO Sirius xm holdings, inc 2012 to present. St Bonaventure University Bachelors and mba. board of directors pandora media llc, rovi corp. Also involved in indy 500 racing. (Email: (Sponsored By: peggy Sabens)

7/15/2021 --- Detecting Lies – What works, what doesn’t work, and what may produce a false confession

Speaker: Greg Wright --- President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Central Indiana Chapter (Email: (Sponsored By: GREG WRIGHT)

New Greg’s Talk: Detecting Lies – What works, what doesn’t work, and what may produce a false confession: polygraph; Reid Interviewing Technique; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Behavior Detection Officer Training; Dr. Mehrabian’s 7% Rule; body language training; the P.E.A.C.E. method; behavioral anomalies system; or micro-body language training? Greg Wright has been trained and investigated these techniques including attending a week-long training program with a Hamilton County police department. Greg is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a Certified Financial Planner.

7/15/2021 --- Clues for the Kidney Stone Detective

Speaker: William H. Dick, M.D. --- Club Historian - Scientech Club (Email: (Sponsored By: William H. Dick)

The Discovery of the Cause for Ammonium Urate Kidney stones is Reviewed.