The Scientech Club Program Calendar


12/11/2023 --- Annual Meeting, Elections and Report of Scientech Foundation activities

Speaker: Jeff Rasley and Benny Ko --- Jeff and Benny are President and Vice President of the Scientech Foundation (Sponsored By: Rick Whitener)(ID: 1850)

Per our bylaws, this is a required meeting to allow the members to elect officers for 2024. After the election, our Scientech Foundation President and Vice President will report on the activities which occurred in 2023 and plans for 2024.

1/8/2024 --- US Education Is in Trouble, Let's Fix It! 22 Reform Proposals

Speaker: Richard W. Garrett --- Former Eli Lilly Executive, Former Clinical Associate Professor at the Kelley School of Business, IU B'ton, Former management consultant, Attended DePauw University 2 yrs, no degree, Attended Purdue University earning a BS in Industrial Engineering, and Masters in same, Earner PhD in Operations Research (1968) from Northwestern Univ. He has been researching educational reform since 2013. (Email: (Sponsored By: Self)(ID: 1874)

This is Dick Garrett's 2nd book on educational reform. The above title was released by publisher Rowman and Littlefield in Aug., 2023. The contents of the book will be introduced in an easy take 20 minute video produced by book publicist Book Trib. Upon the completion of the 20 min. video, the balance of the time will be spent answering questions. Garrett will emphasize the short list of items that should lead the reform parade.

1/15/2024 --- Prevention of Gun Violence

Speaker: Jon T. Macy --- Associate Professor, Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University School of Public Health, Bloomington (Email: (Sponsored By: M.P. Meisenheimer)(ID: 1872)

The speaker will review the problems of gun suicide and homicide and discuss his current research in this field.

1/22/2024 --- (TBA)

1/29/2024 --- Invasive Plants in Indiana - the harm and the response

Speaker: Laura Graf --- Owner/Operator LGI Landscaping LLC Accredited Horticulturist Licensed Nursery Dealer PlantRight certified installer (Email: (Sponsored By: Judy Weitzman)(ID: 1870)

Laura is a very talented landscape artist and horitculturist. She is passionate about the very real harm caused by invasive plants in Indiana, and the very real harm they cause. Laura is teaching me how to identify invaders and how to effectively eliminate them. I learn something from her every time we meet.

2/5/2024 --- (TBA)

2/12/2024 --- (TBA)

2/19/2024 --- John Locke - Philosopher and Physician

Speaker: Richard Gunderman --- Dr. Richard Gunderman is the John A Campbell Professor of Radiology at the IU School of Medicine. He is a Scientech Club member and frequent program contributor. (Email: (Sponsored By: Rick Whitener)(ID: 1873)

John Locke is well known as the principal philosophical inspiration for the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but far fewer people know that he was a physician and practiced medicine most of his adult life. In fact, many of Locke's great ideas can be traced to his experiences caring for patients, and they have great relevance and even urgency for contemporary medicine and biomedical science.

2/26/2024 --- Latest developments in Alzheimer's disease research

Speaker: Sophia Wang --- Alzheimer's researcher at IU School of Medicine (Email: (Sponsored By: Russell Judd)(ID: 1875)

The speaker will cover advances in modifying drugs to combat the disease including Lean emab. She will cover underlining mechanisms and indications on who might benefit from these drugs as well as their risks. The talk will include discussion about caregiver burdens, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and behavior management. This form of treatment is known as DICE.

3/4/2024 --- (TBA)

3/11/2024 --- Solar Eclipse Do's and Don'ts

Speaker: Fritz Kleinhans --- Associate Prof Emeritus, Physics, IUPUI and Scientech Club member for about 5 years. I taught astronomy and physics for 35 years. I have successfully observed 5 of 7 total solar eclipses. My first Scientech talk was 1985 on Halley's comet. This talk would be my 4th to club. Dick Carter, in particular, has heard me speak. (Email: (Sponsored By: Fritz Kleinhans)(ID: 1879)

Total Solar Eclipses are awesome. We have one coming up on April 8th, 2024, crossing Indiana and the US from Texas to Maine. Any fool can look up, gawk, and be totally amazed by a total solar eclipse. However,a great many phenomena occur in a short period of time; eerie light and colors, planets and stars, temperatures and wildlife, shadow cone, shadow bands, pin hole crescents, Baily's Beads, diamond ring effect, chromosphere, prominences, corona, coronal streamers, crowd ambiance, etc. To catch as many of these phenomena as possible, careful advanced planning is very beneficial. I will also talk briefly about photography.

3/18/2024 --- (TBA)

3/25/2024 --- (TBA)

4/1/2024 --- (TBA)

4/8/2024 --- (TBA)

4/8/2024 --- Total Solar Eclipse - 3:00 PM EDT Indy is in totality, Franklin, Knightstown on centerline

4/15/2024 --- (TBA)

4/22/2024 --- (TBA)

4/29/2024 --- (TBA)

5/6/2024 --- (TBA)

5/13/2024 --- (TBA)

5/20/2024 --- (TBA)

6/3/2024 --- (TBA)

6/10/2024 --- (TBA)

6/17/2024 --- (TBA)

6/24/2024 --- (TBA)

7/8/2024 --- (TBA)

7/15/2024 --- (TBA)

7/22/2024 --- (TBA)

7/29/2024 --- (TBA)

8/5/2024 --- (TBA)

8/12/2024 --- (TBA)

8/19/2024 --- (TBA)

8/26/2024 --- (TBA)

9/9/2024 --- (TBA)

9/16/2024 --- (TBA)

9/23/2024 --- (TBA)

9/30/2024 --- (TBA)

10/7/2024 --- (TBA)

10/12/2024 --- Annual Dinner (at Woodland Country Club)

10/14/2024 --- (TBA)

10/21/2024 --- (TBA)

10/28/2024 --- (TBA)

11/4/2024 --- (TBA)

11/11/2024 --- (TBA)

11/18/2024 --- (TBA)

11/25/2024 --- (TBA)

12/2/2024 --- (TBA)

12/9/2024 --- (TBA)

1/6/2025 --- (TBA)