Scientech Program Calendar


9/23/2019 --- Scientific Contributions by the Current Nobel Prize Winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Medicine

Speaker: Messrs. R.Carter, A.Schmidt, T.Lauer --- (Email: (Refer to Club Roster)) (Sponsored By: Jim Willson)

This will be the third annual presentation of the key scientific contributions of the current Nobel Prize Winners presented by Scientech members who are expert in these fields.

9/30/2019 --- “Pleased to Meet Me: How Genes, Germs, and the Environment Make Us Who We Are”

Speaker: Bill Sullivan, Ph.D. --- Showalter Professor Pharmacology & Toxicology Microbiology & Immunology Indiana University School of Medicine (Email: (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

Why are you attracted to a certain "type?" Why are you a morning person? Why do you vote the way you do? We're constantly seeking answers to these fundamental human questions, and now, science has the answers. The foods we enjoy, the people we love, the emotions we feel, and the beliefs we hold can all be traced back to our DNA, germs, and environment. This lecture will be popular science at its best, describing in everyday language how genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, and psychology work together to influence our personality and actions.

10/7/2019 --- Famous Hoosiers

Speaker: Mickey Maurer --- Attorney, CPA Founder of the National Bank of Indianapolis. Endowed the Maurer School of Law (Email: (Sponsored By: Helmi Banta)

Will discuss famous Hoosiers. He has written a book on this topic.

10/8/2019 --- Board Meeting

10/14/2019 --- The prediction of human physical appearance from DNA

Speaker: Susan Walsh --- Assistant Professor Susan Walsh Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis PhD Forensic Genetics – Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. MS DNA Profiling – University of Central Lancashire, Preston, United Kingdom BS Biochemistry – University College Cork, Ireland (Email: (Sponsored By: Malcolm Mallette)

Forensic DNA Phenotyping (FDP), the prediction of human physical appearance from DNA, has become a fast-growing discipline within forensic genetics due to the intelligence information that can be generated from DNA traces. FDP outcomes can help focus police investigations in search of unknown perpetrators who are generally unidentifiable via comparable short tandem repeat (STR) DNA profiling, i.e., no suspect or DNA database match. Recent research in studying the genes and, more specifically, the variants that are responsible for physical appearance characteristics have made incredible strides in the last few years, particularly in the advancement of eye, hair, and skin color prediction. This presentation is designed to give an overview of several prediction systems, like HIrisPlex-S, including cases where they have been used. Lastly, it will cover current research in the field of predictive biometrics and what is possible with sketching a biological mugshot of an individual from DNA.

10/19/2019 --- ANNUAL DINNER (at Woodstock Club)

10/21/2019 --- Malaria: History and Current Status

Speaker: David C. Matlack, DVM --- Lecturer & Director, Physiology Teaching Labs IU Bloomington Medical Sciences JH 104, 1001 East 3rd Street Bloomington, IN 47405 (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt)

As the leading parasitic disease in terms of morbidity and mortality, malaria gets extensive treatment in his BIOL-M375 Human Parasitology course at IU Bloomington.

10/28/2019 --- Oral Argument

Speaker: Margaret Robb, Indiana Ct of Appeals --- Judge Margaret Robb (Email: (Sponsored By: Springer)

This will be the oral argument by the attorneys in a real life case before a three judge panel. The judges will take questions of a general nature (not on this case) afterward.

11/4/2019 --- TOUR--- Purdue Cancer Research CenterL

Contact: Timothy Ratliff, Ph.D --- (Email: (Sponsored By: Jim Bettner)

Le K of C in AM Ar Tour the Neil Armstrong Building Lunch at Union Sagamore Room Ar, Tour of Purdue Cancer Research Center Return K of C, late afternoon

11/5/2019 --- Board meeting

11/11/2019 --- Veterans Day Salute

Speaker: New Horizons Swing Band --- Sam Rhinesmith, former North Central High School Department Chair and Director of Bands, along with Warner Paige, President of Paige’s Music, started the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis in 1994. John Marshall, retired Chairman of the Performing Arts Department and Head Band Director of Pike High School, is the current director. The New Horizons Swing Band performing this program is conducted by Al Spangler, retired director of the Speedway High School Band. The New Horizons Swing Band consists of about 20 musicians of about 60 in the New Horizons Concert Band who have a special interest in jazz music. This group performs throughout the year for community festivals, church sponsored activities, retirement facilities, and service organizations. (Sponsored By: George McCord)

The New Horizons Swing Band is pleased to again offer a Veterans Day commemorative program of patriotic service songs and popular “Big Band” era music for the Scientech Club of Indianapolis. Dr. Roy Ernst, Eastman School of Music, started New Horizons Bands about 26 years ago. The aim is expanding music-making opportunities and socially integrated mental stimulation for seniors. New Horizons music groups have now been organized internationally. There are no age restrictions, though most band members are over 50 years of age with some into their 90s. Participation is encouraged for those of any musical expertise, from beginners to professionals.

11/18/2019 --- Assessingthe Real World Risks and Benefits of Medications That Can BE Abused

Speaker: Patrick D. Quinn --- Assitant Professor, Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University School of Public Health (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Drug overdose deaths are increasing expontially driven largely by opiates. This talk will be an overview of the public health related to substance abuse. The risks and benefits of stimulant medications will also be explored.

11/25/2019 --- Science's Greatest Woman: Marie Curie

Speaker: Richard Gunderman --- Richard Gunderman, MD PhD Chancellor's Professor Bicentennial Professor Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy and Medical Humanities and Health Studies John A Campbell Professor of Radiology Indiana University 702 North Barnhill Drive, Room 1053 Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 317 948 6302 (Email: (Sponsored By: Jerry Kurlander)

Marie's Curie's life offers remarkable insights and inspiration. She won the Nobel Prize twice.

12/2/2019 --- White-collar Psychopaths.

Speaker: Greg Wright --- Greg Wright, President, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Central Indiana Chapter. Certified Fraud Examiner and practicing fraud investigator. (Email: (Sponsored By: Greg Wright)

Statistically, there are four to six psychopaths the typical Schentech audience. This Greg’s Talk will illustrate the use of the PCL:SV Hare Checklist to identify and distinguish psychopaths from other Cluster B Personality Disorders. Are White-dollar fraudsters more physically dangerous than street criminals?

12/3/2019 --- Board meeting

12/9/2019 --- The Truth Behind Trace Evidence

Speaker: Gina M. Londino-Smolar --- Gina currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology teaching in the forensic and investigative sciences program, as well as a faculty fellow with Teaching and Learning Technologies.Throughout her time at IUPUI, she has developed multiple courses in forensic science; along with the development of courses taught online to reach out to other student populations. She has published a laboratory manual for undergraduate forensic science laboratory course for non-science majors. She is currently a fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) and the Chair of the Disciplines committee for the General Section and a member and President-Elect of the Council of Forensic Science Educators (COFSE). Gina has a B.S., Chemistry from Ball State University, Muncie and a Master’s Degree in Analytical Chemistry. (Email: (Sponsored By: Karen Bumb )

Have you ever wondered how hairs or fibers are used in forensic casework? What information can be determined by a single hair, can it be matched to an individual? How about fibers, can a fiber be identified just by using a microscope? Or matched to a particular sweater? During this presentation, we will examine common trace evidence, what trace evidence can tell us, and familiar cases that used trace evidence during the investigation. We will look at microscopic characteristics of trace materials, what tools are used to analyze trace evidence, and discover what we can determine and what we cannot say about the evidence.

12/16/2019 --- Butler University & Hinkle Fieldhouse

Speaker: William H. Dick --- Scientech Club Historian (Email: (Sponsored By: William H. Dick)

Butler University is a distinguished University in Indianapolis. Hinkle Fieldhouse is a historic fieldhouse where Butler plays its home games. It was the largest basketball arena in the U.S. from 1928-1950.

12/23/2019 --- No meeting Christmas Holiday

12/30/2019 --- No meeting New Year Holiday

1/6/2020 --- Common Diseases of the Retina in the Elderly

Speaker: Ramana Moorthy,MD --- Rose Hulman B.S.Electrical Eugineering Summa Cum Laude 1984 Indiana University School of Medicine M.D. With Highest Distinction 1988, ophthalmology residency at IUSM, fellowship in uvietis USC, Fellowship in retinal surgery Northwestern. Fellowship Doheny Eye Institute in Uveitis & Medical and Surgical Retina Northwestern University (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer, R. Yee)

Diabetes mellitus is a leading cause of blindness in the elderly. Diabetic retinopathy will be discussed along with other retinal disorders such as macular degeneration, both wet & dry.

1/7/2020 --- Board meeting

1/13/2020 --- A tale of Two Anniversaries

Speaker: Chris Lafave --- Chris Lafave is Curator with the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. He was introduced to the work of Kurt Vonnegut while attending Ball State University. Chris completed his Masters in Library Science at Indiana University. (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

Sirens of Titan turns 60 in late October, Slaughterhouse-Five turned 50 at the end of March. The talk will discuss how the ideas from one informed the other. Also, what the Tralfamadorians reveal about free will will be discussed.

1/20/2020 --- 249th General Hospital, A 1000 Bed Combat Casualty Hospital

Speaker: Gonzalo Chua MD FACR --- Gonz Chua is a Scientech member. Retired Clinical Professor of Radiology IUSM, Program Director of Radiology Residency, IU Methodist 1981-2000. Founding Director of IU North Radiology 2005-2009. (Email: (Sponsored By: Gonzalo Chua MD FACR)

The talk will involve the personal, family and professional challenges when I served in the US Army as Chief of Radiology at 249th General Hospital, US Army, Japan. from 1969-71. It will includes a short history of 249th Hospital with pictures and stories of the hospital, patients and radiographs of combat casualties from Vietnam.Some statistics will be included.

1/27/2020 --- Engineering a Better Future for Cancer Patients at the Joe & Shelly Schwarz Cancer Center at IU North Hospital

Speaker: Sara J. Grethlein, M.D. --- Director, Joe & Shelly Schwarz Cancer Center at IU North Hospital 1988 M.D. at SUNY Brooklyn 1994 Fellowship in Hematology/Onchology, Washington University 2018 MBA, Indiana University (Email: ) (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

An exploration of the mission of the new Joe & S helly Cancer Center at IU North Hospital

2/3/2020 --- U.S. Education-In Need of a Major Overhaul

Speaker: Dick Garrett --- Formerly in mgt. Eli Lilly, Associate Clinical Professor, Kelley School of Business, IU B'ton. Author (Email: (Sponsored By: Dick Garrett)

This talk is not about my book, I have already given that talk. In order to give advice about what we should be doing to improve our performance, I have studied Top-Performing Systems. This talk will contrast our system to a typical Top-Performing System. We are not even close to the good systems. In a good system, teachers are high status, top students themselves and play a very important role in making the system work better and better. Generally this is not the case in the US; our system is built around cheap teachers. The bureaucrats make most of the decisions.

2/4/2020 --- Board meeting

2/10/2020 --- Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away from Oil

Speaker: Greg Ballard --- Former Mayor of Indianapolis Visiting fellow University of Indianapolis (Email: (Sponsored By: Peggy Sabens)

70% of the world's oil is used for transportation, and 80% of the oil reserves are in the hands of countries whose interests may not be aligned with ours. It is time to change this dynamic.

2/17/2020 --- The Great Scopes Monkey Trial State of Tennessee vs. John Scopes

Speaker: Hal Johnston --- The Great Scopes Monkey Trial, Hal Johnston Lieutenant Colonel (retired)Indianapolis Veterans Court (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan D. Schmidt, emeritus)

In 1925 the state of Tennessee brought criminal charges against an unknown, young high school teacher named John Scopes. His crime? He taught about the theory of evolution in a high school biology classroom. What began as a minor misdemeanor case captured headlines around the world as two giants of American politics and the law clashed over science and the bible.

2/24/2020 --- The Universe

Speaker: Kurt Williams/Greg McCauley --- Director/coo Link Observatory (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Talk on various portions of the cosmos.

3/2/2020 --- The Stained Glass Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany: Art meets Science

Speaker: THOMAS E LAUER --- Scientech Member (Email: TLAUER@BSU.EDU) (Sponsored By: THOMAS E LAUER)

Louis Comfort Tiffany created the classic “Tiffany” style lamps between ~1900 and 1930. His artistic background coupled with a number of talented artisans on his staff left a legacy of lamp construction and appreciation that has lasted over a 100 years. What separated Tiffany’s lamps from the others of the time was threefold. First, the artistic style, design, and construction was more complex and intricate than others; second, he went to great lengths in creating the “right” color for each individual glass tile used; and third, he made lamp bases that matched the shades. The artistry, the glass making science, and the engineering of construction will be discussed, along with some mention of current $ value of the lamps.

3/3/2020 --- Board meeting

3/16/2020 --- Opportunities to Learn About Business

Speaker: Jim Amidon --- OLAB at Wabash Collage Director of Strategic Communications Secretary, Board of Trustees, Director of Opportunities to Learn about business (Email: (Sponsored By: Victor Wenning)

Opportunities to learn about Business is the oldest compeditive business immersion program, now in its 48th year. The program is for high school seniors and recruits from the U.S. and several foreign countries. The week long course teaches skill in all aspects of business. The Scientech Foundation has helped fund the program for decades.

4/7/2020 --- Board meeting

4/13/2020 --- My Wild Grace Chase

Speaker: Douglas Hofstadter --- Professor of Cognitive Science and Comparative literature, Indiana University, Bloomington (Email: (Sponsored By: Peggy Sabens)

The talk will give the flavor of my current book-in-progress. A kind of autobiography viewed through the lens of beauty. Over time I have ome to see my life, floating halfway between the arts and sciences, as a long series of ardent quests for beauty (i.e "wild grace chases") in all sorts of domains: music, art, mathematics, physics, letterforms, words, languages, poetry,jokes,nonsense, analogies, photography, movies, sports, cars, planes...I will select a few vivid examples from this list and will try to convey the passion that such things inspired in me.

4/20/2020 --- How and Why Climate Change is Escalating Extreme Weather

Speaker: Jim Willson --- Member of Scientech (Email: (Sponsored By: Jim Willson)

Increasingly the question is being raised of whether climate change could be contributing to the increased extreme weather now occurring. This month Scientific American has published an article by the noted climate scientist, Jennifer Francis, senior scientist at Woods Hole Research Center, specifically detailing how certain 2018 and 2019 weather events were made worse by climate change. This presentation recounts these findings.

5/5/2020 --- Board meeting

6/1/2020 --- the future of music and radio

Speaker: Jim Meyer --- CEO Sirius xm holdings, inc 2012 to present. St Bonaventure University Bachelors and mba. board of directors pandora media llc, rovi corp. Also involved in indy 500 racing. (Email: (Sponsored By: peggy Sabens)