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6/8/2020 --- TOUR--- Tour of the Indiana Medical History Museum

Contact: RJudd --- (Sponsored By: Russell judd)

To get more acquainted with medical history of care at Central Hospital Nd see artifacts, furnishings and equipment used to treat patients and also to teach medical students

6/9/2020 --- Board meeting

6/15/2020 --- Visualizing Hubble’s Colorful Universe

Speaker: Zolt Levay --- Bio Zolt Levay has been pursuing astronomy and photography most of his life. As far back as high school he was observing the sky, taking photographs through a home-built telescope, and processing photographs in a home darkroom. Zolt earned degrees in astronomy from Indiana University, Bloomington and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and worked with several space science missions at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. For over 35 years he was professionally involved with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope mission at the Space Telescope Science Institute. For most of that time he was responsible for translating science data into images and graphics that illustrate Hubble’s discoveries for the public, balancing science content with aesthetics. He produced some of the most remarkable, profound, and widely distributed Hubble images and has described this work in public talks, magazine articles, books and documentaries. Zolt has also pursued a wide range of photographic interests, exhibited in galleries and won awards in photography competitions. Current, ongoing personal photography projects include seeking out dark, clear skies to explore the relationships between landscapes, the night sky, and the cosmos. (Email: (Sponsored By: Dr. Alan D. Schmidt)

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has been exploring the cosmos for nearly 30 years. In that time it has revolutionized astronomy with numerous groundbreaking discoveries. But Hubble has also enabled us to reimagine our perception of the universe through a wealth of spectacular, dramatic views of space in unprecedented detail; the clearest views of the deep universe that humans have ever seen. Many of these images have become familiar throughout the world, distributed through print, television, and online. We will explore some of the techniques for producing these images from Hubble’s extraordinary science data. And we will see how state-of-the-art visualization techniques can show us the universe in dynamic 3-D.

6/22/2020 --- An Overwiew of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Speaker: Mark Lutz --- B.S. Ball State, B.S. Butler University in Health Sciences, MPAS University of Nebraska (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

It is estimated that 10% of all adults over the age of 65 are taking fish oil supplements, but until recently there has been little solid proof that such supplements are beneficial. After a two year trial Vascepta has been released by the FDA. This highly concntrated form of EPA, an omega 3 fatty acid was shown to reduce cardiovascular events by 25%.

6/29/2020 --- On the Road Again

Speaker: J. David Cook --- David Cook is an attorney and President of Farm Heritage Trail, Inc. He grew up and practiced law in Thorntown, IN and lives in Indianapolis. (Email: (Sponsored By: Rick Whitener)

If you were to trace movement of our bodies to the beginning, we would find it started in the womb. In He first got interested in long distance running when he ran the second Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. He has competed in each Mini-Marathon since then except for 1995, the year in which he had a severe cardiac event. He has also hiked hundreds of miles on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and will talk about this.

7/6/2020 --- Independence Day -- No Meeting

7/7/2020 --- Board Meeting

7/13/2020 --- Industrial Agriculture: Global Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance-Update 2020.

Speaker: Stephen J. Jay M.D. --- Prof Emeritus Medicine and Public, IUSM and Fairbanks School of Public Health Internist, pulmonologist, public health. “Retired” but engaged in teaching, public health policy and research. (Email: (Sponsored By: Jeff Rasley)

In 2011 Dr. Jay gave a talk making the following points: Most ABs are used for industrial food animal production, given to herds via daily feed and water for non-therapeutic purposes. Up to 70% of ABs in the U.S. are given to healthy animals. Many are from the same drug family as those ABs used in humans, e.g. penicillins, tetracyclines, and other AB classes. This is what makes the resistance generated in farm animals even more dangerous to humans. Widespread use of ABs for disease control and growth promotion in animals has been paralleled by an increase in the resistance in those bacteria (Salmonella and Campylobacter) that can spread from animals, often through food, to cause infections in humans. Bacteria resistance to ABs used on farms can infect humans by: Eating/handling contaminated meat or produce; Contact with farm or food workers who handle contaminated animals; Contact with soil and water that has been polluted by animal waste. The cost in the U.S. is billions of dollars each year. Children, elderly and chronically ill are particularly vulnerable. Any one can be at risk. After a review of those points he will provide an update of developments in 2020. The aim of today’s presentation is to update our progress (good and bad news) in addressing the science, public policy and public health implications of AMR that WHO lists as among the 10 urgent threats to humanity in 2019, where misuse of antibiotics in agriculture, food production and among humans and animals is the predominant factor in emergence and spread of AMR.

7/20/2020 --- Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Speaker: David DeBrota --- Vice President for Medical Research and Development Perspectum Diagnostics, LLC Oxford UK; Dallas TX; San Francisco, CA (Email: (Sponsored By: David DeBrota)

Since the first MRI body scan of a human being in 1977, magnetic resonance imaging has come a very long way. This talk will discuss the physics and math of the imaging process, MRI hardware, people and software which enable images to be created and measurements to be made, and the importance of MRI in modern medicine.

7/27/2020 --- Indianapolis celebrates end of WW II

Speaker: Dawn Mitchell --- Art degree from Indiana Central - now Univ. of Indianapolis Indy Star - 34 years Photo Coordinator - Indy Star (Email: (Sponsored By: William H. Dick)

Indianapolis had a grand celebration at the end of WW II. The speaker will present information with a bountiful collection of photos.

8/3/2020 --- (TBA)

8/4/2020 --- Board Meeting

8/10/2020 --- The Tools for Colon Cancer Prevention: Fecal Blood, Fecal DNA, and Colonoscopy. What Works, What Doesn't and Why.

Speaker: Douglas Rex, M.D. --- Distinguished Professor of Medicine Emeritus, IUSM Harvard University B.A.Summa Cun Laude. IUSM M.D. (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

See Above

8/17/2020 --- An interview with John Purdue

Speaker: John Norberg --- An interview with John Purdue This author dresses and acts the part addressing the history of Purdue (Email: (Sponsored By: Steve springer)

8/24/2020 --- Bill Cook, His life and Times

Speaker: Richard Gunderman, M. D. --- (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

Founded in Bloomington, Indiana, Cook Medical has become the largest, privately held medical device company in the world. This is the founder's story.

8/31/2020 --- (TBA)

9/7/2020 --- Labor Day -- No Meeting

9/8/2020 --- Board Meeting

9/14/2020 --- (TBA)

9/21/2020 --- Discovering New Galaxies in the Nearby Universe

Speaker: Dr. Katherine L. Rhode --- Katherine Rhode is an Associate Professor in the department of Astronomy at IU, Bloomington. She has a BA in physics from Sonoma State U, a MA in astronomy from Wesleyan U. and a PhD in astronomy from Yale. She and her students study the origin and evolution of galaxies with space and ground based telescopes. (Email: (Sponsored By: Malcolm Mallette)

Over the past decade, surveys have revealed the presence of dozens of low-mass "dwarf" galaxies in the neighborhood around our home galaxy, the Milky Way. She will explain how she is using data from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico and the WIYN optical telescope in Arizona to find new galaxies in the neighborhood of our galaxy.

9/26/2020 --- ANNUAL DINNER -- Woodland CC -- Ken Pendleton (Chair)

9/28/2020 --- Scientific Contributions by the Current Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry, Medicine, and Physics.

Speaker: Messrs. A.Schmidt, T.Lauer, R. Carter --- (Sponsored By: Jim Willson)

This will be the fourth annual presentation of the key scientific contributions of the current Nobel Prize Winners. Presented by Scientech members who are expert in these fields.

10/5/2020 --- Maria Montessori, Pioneer in Children's Education

Speaker: Richard Gunderman, M.D. --- Maria Montesssori, M. D. was an Italien physician well know for her eeucational philosophy. This is a discussion of her life and that philosophy. (Email: (Sponsored By: M. P. Meisenheimer)

See above

10/6/2020 --- Board Meeting

10/12/2020 --- 1492--The Gift of Tobacco.


From Colonial America until the Civil War the preferred tobacco use was the (a) CHEW, (b) SNUFF, (c) PIPE and (d) CIGAR. The ingredients were absorbed through the oral or nasal cavities. Cigarettes were made from the sweepings on the factory floors and were for the poor to roll their own. A milder Bright Leaf tobacco was produced in 1839 and a cigarette rolling machine was perfected in 1884 prompting J.B.Duke of Durham to promote cigarettes which were mild enough to be inhaled for instant effect. Immigrants doubled the USA population during 1880-1910 and city life favored the more sanitary cigarettes. World War I intensified the need for a more convenient smoke. Prohibition and Women’s Suffrage further encouraged tobacco use until by 1950 half the US population smoked.

10/19/2020 --- TOUR--- Tour of the Subaru Plant, Lafayette, IN

Contact: allie louthen --- (Email: (Sponsored By: peggy sabens)

Observe award winning automotive assembly in action. See Suburu automotive assembly from start to finish.

10/26/2020 --- Monster Mash: The Science Behind Monster Legends

Speaker: Bill Sullivan, Ph.D. --- Showalter Professor Pharmacology & Toxicology Microbiology & Immunology Indiana University School of Medicine (Email: (Sponsored By: Alison Brown)

presenting evidence that there are biological explanations that could have initiated or fueled famous monster legends including zombies, vampires, werewolves, demonic possession, and Frankenstein's monster.

11/2/2020 --- Stepping Away from the Chemo: Active Music Engagement for Young Children with Cancer

Speaker: Sheri Robb --- Professor, IU School of Nursing. Board certified music therapist with expertise in pediatric music therapy. (Email: (Sponsored By: Joyce Mallette)

Music therapy is an allied health profession that is becoming a standard of care in many pediatric hospitals in the US, especially for children receiving cancer treatment. Robb's research has focused on understanding how active music interventions work to improve health outcomes in pediatric cancer patients and their families.

11/9/2020 --- My Wild Grace Chase

Speaker: Douglas Hofstadter --- Professor of Cognitive Science and Comparative literature, Indiana University, Bloomington, winner of the Pulitzer Prize (Email: (Sponsored By: Peggy Sabens)

The talk will give the flavor of my current book-in-progress. A kind of autobiography viewed through the lens of beauty. Over time I have ome to see my life, floating halfway between the arts and sciences, as a long series of ardent quests for beauty (i.e "wild grace chases") in all sorts of domains: music, art, mathematics, physics, letterforms, words, languages, poetry,jokes,nonsense, analogies, photography, movies, sports, cars, planes...I will select a few vivid examples from this list and will try to convey the passion that such things inspired in me.

11/10/2020 --- Board Meeting

11/16/2020 --- (TBA)

11/23/2020 --- (TBA)

11/30/2020 --- (TBA)

12/7/2020 --- (TBA)

12/8/2020 --- Board Meeting

12/14/2020 --- (TBA)

12/14/2020 --- Annual Meeting/Election -- Followed by Talk

12/21/2020 --- Christmas Holiday -- No Meeting

12/28/2020 --- New Year's Holiday -- No Meeting