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D J Angus

The Scientech Club Foundation (formerly the D.J. Angus - Scientech Foundation) is a private, 501c3 foundation that was initiated by Bob Annis over 40 years ago to create an appropriate and lasting memorial to Donald J. Angus, an outstanding Indianapolis engineer and citizen and a founder and charter member of the Scientech Club. The purpose of the Foundation is to foster and promote the education of deserving students oriented toward studies in engineering, science, technology, medicine, and related fields.

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R. B. Annis Educational Foundation

Bob Annis

The R. B. Annis Educational Foundation was founded in 1997. Chuck Angus, Elmira Annis, Dan Yates and Wayne Weber are the current Trustees. Most of the funding decisions in the early years were made by Bob Annis himself. With his death in September 1999, the responsibility was in the hands of the trustees mentioned above.

Bob Annis was a man interested in education above all else, especially the education of young people. Gifts large and small have been made by the Foundation over the past ten years. They are so numerous that all of them cannot be mentioned. Major gifts (those over $100,000) abound but there are many other gifts that are notable, no matter what their value.

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