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Presentations In 2016

Subject Speaker Date
TOUR – Behind-the-scenes tour at Indiana Historical Society Arranged By: Jim Bettner 8/29/16
        PRESENTATIONS IN 2016    
How Basketball Came to Indiana: 1894-1901. Presented By: Roger Robison, MD, Scientech Member 1/04/16
Undergraduate Research and STEM Education at a Liberal Arts College Presented By: Dr. Scott Feller, Dean, Wabash College 1/11/16
Van der Waals Interactions in Molecular Systems Presented By: Horia Petrache, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics, IUPUI 1/18/16
John Hancock, First Signer of the Declaration of Independence Presented By: William H. Dick, M. D., Scientech Club Historian, Past President 1/25/16
Odd Spots in Iceland Presented By: Lou Stanley, Scientech Club Member 2/01/16
State of Pediatric Research Today Presented By: Mervin C. Yoder, Jr., MD 2/08/16
The Creation of "Indiana Joins the Nation" Presented By: Angela Giacomelli, Exhibition Researcher, Indiana Historical Society 2/15/16
The Shroud of Turin Presented By: Gary Stump, Pastor, Onward Church 2/22/16
Preparation, Recruitment and Retention of Teachers Presented By: John E. Jacobson, Ed.D., Dean and Professor, Ball State University 2/29/16
One Shot: WWII Photography of John A. Bushemi Presented By: Ray Boomhower, Editor, Traces magazine, Indiana Historical Society 3/7/16
Why do we give? The origin and history of philanthropy Presented By: Jeff Rasley, J.D., Adjunct Professor, Butler University, Club member 3/14/16
Facilitating data-driven traffic safety policy in Indiana Presented By: Dona Sapp, Principal Investigator, Project Manager, Indiana University Public Policy Institute 3/21/16
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: What's Hot and What's Not! Presented By: Richard Chua, MD -- Clinical Professor, Division of Neurosurgery, University of Arizona College of Medicine 3/28/16
Purdue University’s Collaboration with the Healthcare Industry Presented By: Ken Musselman, Ph.D. 4/04/16
Goethe Link Observatory & Helen Link Daffodil Garden Presented By: Kurt Williams, Deputy Director/COO of Link Observatory Space Science Institute 4/11/16
The Etiologies & Effects of Normal Human Knee Pressure Variations Presented By: William O. Irvine, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Retired, Orthopedics Indianapolis 4/18/16
History of Patent Medicines in America – 1700’s through 1900’s Presented By: Richard L. Schreiner 4/25/16
Purdue Bound Mentoring of Underrepresented Minority Students Presented By: Wesley Campbell, Director of Purdue Bound, Purdue Polytechnic Institute 5/02/16
Indiana in the 1920s: The Ku Klux Klan in the Hoosier State Presented By: Jason S. Lantzer, PhD, Assistant Director, University Honors Program, Butler University 5/09/16
Medical Professions in the California Gold Rush Presented By: John Schreiner, Retired Pharmacist and Founder/Owner of the History of Pharmacy Research Center in Griffith, IN 5/16/16
irin - the Wonder Drug Presented By: Dr. Bill Dick, Scientech Member 5/23/16
Influence of Exercise with Aging: Sleep Apnea, Fibromyalgia Presented By: Professor Anthony S. Kaleth, Department of Kinesiology, IUPUI 6/06/16
The Evolution of the Sword Presented By: Andrew Tharp 6/13/16
Marion County’s Diamond in the Rough Presented By: Brittany Davis-Swinford, Manager, Senior Naturalist, Eagle Creek Park 6/20/16
Water Contamination in Flint, Michigan Presented By: Rick Rediske, Analytical Chemist, Grand Valley State University 6/27/16
Invasive Species in the Great Lakes: What’s the Big Deal? Presented By: Dr. Thomas Lauer, Director of Aquatics, Ball State University 7/11/16
Genetic Genealogy Ancient Migrations and the Citizen Scientist Presented By: Steve Frank, Attorney 7/18/16
The Spectacle of August 21, 2017 - America’s Great Solar Eclipse Presented By: John Wharton, Managing Director of Facility Operations, St Louis Science Center 7/25/16
Disease Prevention Using Low-Cost Diagnostic Tools Presented By: Dr. Frédérique T. Deiss, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Chemistry/Chemical Biology, IUPUI 8/01/16
WW II Memories of Jans Muller, MD Presented By: Gonz Chua, Scientech Member 8/08/16
EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) and our Electrical Grid Presented By: Cindy Noe 8/15/16
William Henry Harrison, Governor, General, and United States President Presented By: William H. Dick, Past President, Scientech Club 8/22/16
TOUR – Behind-the-scenes tour at Indiana Historical Society Arranged By: Jim Bettner 8/29/16
Owning a professional hockey team in a basketball, football, auto racing town. Presented By: Jerry Williams, Scientech Club Member 9/12/16
How Lilly Endowment is working to Improve Education in Indiana Presented By: Sara B. Cobb, V.P. for Education, Lilly Endowment, Inc. 9/19/16
Bud Adams's Gift to the Eiteljorg Museum Presented By: James Nottage, Vice President, Chief Curatorial Officer and Gund Curator of Western Art at the Eiteljorg Museum 09/26/16
Who's Managing the Grid? Presented By: Gene Mauk, Information Officer for MISO 10/03/16
Plague - The Black Death Presented By: William Dick, M.D. 10/10/16
The Kids Are Smart Enough – So What’s the Problem? Presented By: Richard Garrett, PhD 10/17/16
The Oaks Academy Presented By: Andrew Hart, CEO, The Oaks Academy 10/24/16
Hell in the Heavens -- Saga of a WW II Bomber Pilor Presented By: Morton Tavel, M.D. 10/31/16
A Veterans' Day Musical Tribute Presented By: New Horizons Swing Band 11/7/16
Meteorites: Rocks from Space Presented By: Fritz Kleinhans, PhD; Associate Professor, IUPUI 11/14/16
All Children Can Learn Presented By: Tammy Laughner -- Vimme Learning 11/21/16