Past Scientech Programs in 2022

1/10/2022 --- Eugenics in Indiana Speaker: Richard Gunderman (Email: Sponsored By: Rick Whitener

Indiana adopted the first forced sterilization law in the world, and some of its most prominent citizens were eugenicists. In this presentation, we will review the history of this once-prevalent movement, which sought to improve humanity through control of human reproduction. Speaker will present in person.
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1/17/2022 --- Scientific Indiana Speaker: Duane Nickell (Email: Sponsored By: Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt

Scientists with a significant Indiana connection have won a dozen Nobel Prizes. Unfortunately, the names of these scientists are unknown to the vast majority of the state’s citizens. Scientific Indiana celebrates science by presenting biographical sketches of seventeen scientific Hoosier heroes. Scientists who lived, worked or were educated in Indiana have made fundamental contributions to astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. Astronomer Vesto Slipher discovered that almost all other galaxies were moving away from our own Milky Way Galaxy. Biologist Alfred Kinsey was a pioneer in the field of human sexuality. Chemist Harold Urey discovered deuterium and worked on the Manhattan Project. And physicist Edward Purcell discovered nuclear magnetic resonance, the basis for MRI, one of the most significant medical advances in a century. Presenting at NEC
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