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2/4/2022david wollthe prize    Comprehensive, worldwide history of oil and how it shaped the modern age.daniel yergin
9/20/2021Larry MarcusThe Code Breaker    This book tells the story of the development of the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology and conjectures its future usefulness. In many ways it reads like the "The Double Helix" so that it is a history and an action "thriller" at the same time.Walter Isaacson
2/22/2021Larry MarcusFundamentals: Ten Keys To Reality    An updated view of the physical world to supersede what you learned in high school physics.Frank Wilczek
4/22/2020Bill DickThe Gene    Superb history of the science of discovery of genetics.Siddhartha Mukherjee
4/11/2020Jim FarleyThe Common Nature of Epidemics    Published in 1866 in Britain, this book takes a look at the history of epidemics in Europe and presents a professional analysis of the causes (if discovered) of human and animal plagues. Quite an eye-opener for the novice.Thomas Southwood Smith, M.D.
4/6/2020Noah (N.S.) PalmerWhy Sane People Believe Crazy Things: How Belief Can Help or Hurt Social Peace    Examines why people disagree about moral, social, and political issues. Uses biology, psychology, history, and religion. Offers ways to prevent conflict and promote social trust. Copies (print or ebook) are FREE to members of the Scientech Club.N.S. Palmer
4/6/2020Dr. Alan D. SchmidtClick Here to Kill Everybody, Security & Survival in the Hyper-connected World    The title is a hype, but the book is good coverage of cybersecurity, hacking, and the computer interconnected world we are developing. "Everything is becoming vulnerable because everything is becoming a computer connected to the internet."Bruce Schneier
4/5/2020Jim FarleyReminisences of Peace and War    This is an absolute must read for anyone who wishes to really understand what it was like to live in the South during and after the Civil War. Beautifully written and very entertaining.Sara Agnes Rice Pryor
4/2/2020Mark SperkaMake, Think, Imagine    Overview of recent scientific & technical advances, looking toward the manner in which they might unfold in the future, especially AI & renewable energy. by John Browne, former CEO of BP, former President of Britain's Royal Academy of EngineeringJohn Browne
3/29/2020Bill DickThe Less People Know About Us    A true story about an Indiana family. The author, now a college professor, details the family's harrowing tale of identity theft. She now lectures on how to protect against this terrible problem. Axton Betz-Hamilton, Ph. D.
3/28/2020John EngstromWhy Governments Fail So Often    By showing us why America’s government in practice has so often been a poor government, and how it could become better, the author has written an essential manual for policy makers and the public.Peter H. Schuck
3/28/2020Bill DickThe Splendid and the Vile    See Jim Willson's summary. Winston Churchill - amazing man. Erik Larson
3/28/2020Bill DickBoston Massacre    It is surprising how many women married British soldiers. Many soldiers knew some local people. Serena Zabin
3/28/2020Bill Dick1774    A good summary of the tea trade and the amazing resistance to British rule all over the states in 1774, Mary Beth Norton
3/25/2020Benny KoYou Have to Get Lost Before You Can be Found.    A fascinating account of a Himalayan veteran that has trekked through various regions of Nepal over three decades. He left not just footprints but also philanthropic accomplishments in some of the region's poorest communities. Jeff Rasley
3/25/2020Randy StrateMan's 4th Best Hospital    Satyrical view of the United States medical system, including why doctors hate the Electronic Medical Record.Samuel Shem
3/25/2020Greg WrightTalking to Strangers    Malcolm Gladwell
3/25/2020Jim DillonThe Hunt for Red October    A great naval story about a Russian submarine, its crew and how the Americans helped in their defection. Clancy goal was to write a great sea novel. It is also a great movie.Tom Clancy
3/25/2020Jim DillonThe Great Gatsby    The American dream is ultimately unattainable. Gatsby attained great wealth and status as a socialite. His dream was to have a future with his one true love, DaiseyF. Scott Fitzgerald
3/25/2020Jim DillonHornblower Series --Beat to Quarters, Ship of the Line, Flying Colors    The Royal Navy during Napoleonic WarsC.S Forester
3/25/2020Dick CarterPleased to Meet Me    For more information about the research regarding the monumental power of Epigenetics, and other items, see the recent book by Professor Bill Sullivan – “Pleased to Meet Me” (ISBN 9781426220555-52600, National Geographic, 2019). He talked in 2019Bill Sullivan
3/22/2020Jim WillsonThe Splendid and the Vile    The fascinating story of Churchill's first year as Britain's Prime Minister during the very start of WW II.Erik Larson
3/21/2020Jana BalleDaring Greatly    Brene Brown
3/21/2020Helmi BantaThe Power of One    Bryce Courtenay
3/21/2020Glen BingleThe Emperor of All Maladies    Siddhartha Mukherjee
3/21/2020Hank WolflaThe Emperor of All Maladies    Siddhartha Mukherjee
3/21/2020Elizabeth BowmerThe Scarlet Pimpernel    Baroness Orczy
3/21/2020Alison BrownBeing Mortal    Atul Gowanda
3/21/2020Jim CarterOn High Steel    Mike Cherry
3/21/2020Ron CreagerSoul of America    Jon Meachem
3/21/2020Bill DickCommon Sense    Thomas Paine
3/21/2020Jim FarleyThe Chouans    Honore De Balzac
3/21/2020Mary GoslingGentleman in Moscow    Amor Towles
3/21/2020Shivaji GunaleTrain to Lisbon    Pachal
3/21/2020Janet HarrisKill Abbie White! Now    C. B. Heusing
3/21/2020Roger HurwitzThe First Conspiracy    Brad Meltzer
3/21/2020Bob JamesLast of the Breed    Louis L'Amour
3/21/2020Dave KnollMan's Search for Meaning    Victor Frankl
3/21/2020Ken PendletonMan's Search for Meaning    Victor Frankl
3/21/2020Benny KoThe General    C. Forrester
3/21/2020Joanna KrauzeWithout You There Is No Us    Suki Kim
3/21/2020Joanna KrauzeEducated    Tara Westover
3/21/2020Bernard LallyLight between the Oceans    Derek Cianfrance
3/21/2020Joyce MalletteThe Last Castle    Denige Kiernan
3/21/2020Malcolm MalletteThe Complete Sherlock Holmes    A. C. Doyle
3/21/2020Reed Mann12 Rules for Life    Jordan Peterson
3/21/2020Larry Marcus1177 BC, The Year Civilization Collapsed    Cline
3/21/2020Rees MorganGold Bug    Edgar A. Poe
3/21/2020Charlie MorrisThe Nightingale    Kristen Hannah
3/21/2020Cindy NoeLife After Google    George Gilder
3/21/2020Rich PeineLegend of Prince Madoc    Olsen
3/21/2020Steven PoeA Thief of Time    Tony Hillerman
3/21/2020John PrenticeNudge    Thaler & Sunstein
3/21/2020Jeff RasleyRemembrance of Things Past    Marcel Proust
3/21/2020Andrew RattermannThe Bjlly Pulpit    Doris Kearns Goodwin
3/21/2020Linda RayThe City of God    Augustine of Hippo
3/21/2020Linda RayWitness    Whiitaker Chambers
3/21/2020Bob ReedThe Bastard Brigade    Sam Kean
3/20/2020Cynthia RobinsonAll the Light We Cannot See    Anthony Doerr
3/20/2020Alan SchmidtFactfulness     Hans Rosling
3/20/2020Bob ShanleyPilgrim at Tinker's Creek    Annie Dillard
3/20/2020James ShepherdThe Creature from Jekyll Island    G. Edward Griffin
3/20/2020Douglas SherowThe End of the End of the Earth    Jonathan Franzen
3/20/2020Charlie ShoupCode Girls    Liza Mundy
3/20/2020Bill StanleyShort History of Almost Everything    Bill Bryson
3/20/2020Lou StanleyThe Moment of Lift    Melinda Gates
3/20/2020Hank Starkey Killing Jesus    Bill Riley
3/20/2020Jim StohlerSlaughterhouse Five    Kurt Vonnegut
3/20/2020Roz WebbAn Unnecessary Woman: A Novel    Rabih Alameddine
3/20/2020Jim WillsonI Contain Multitudes    Ed Yong
3/20/2020Larry WilsonThe Last Bus to Wisdom    Ivan Doig
3/20/2020Hank WolflaStiff    Mary Roach
3/20/2020Amanda WrightKite Runner    Khaued Hosseini
3/20/2020Amanda WrightSmall Great Things    Jodi Pilant
3/20/2020Rober YeeStill Life    Louise Penny
3/20/2020Jerry ZimmermanA Man Called Intrepid    Stevenson
3/20/2020Jerry ZimmermanHalf Earth    Wilson
3/20/2020Jerry ZimmermanOrigin of the Species    Charles Darwin
3/20/2020Carol MutterCall Sign Chaos--Learning to Lead    Jim Mattis & Bing West
3/20/2020Jim MutterThe Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War    Robert Coram
3/20/2020Tom NichollsThe Pioneers    David McCullough
3/20/2020Tom NichollsIndianapolis    Lynn Vincent & Sara Vladic
3/16/2020Tom NichollsThe Body    Encyclopedic discussion about the various parts of the human body. Light reading, informative and interesting.Bill Bryson