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Special Projects Committee

K-12 Science Project Grants

Principal and/or Science Teacher:

In order to promote student interest in science at an early age, The D. J. Angus Foundation, Inc., an affiliate of The Scientech Club, is currently offering grants for students in grades 1-12. These grants would include Science Clubs and individual student projects for Science Fairs. We are also inviting requests for grants for scientific equipment/chemicals for classroom teaching demonstrations. The Foundation will award grants based on the merits of the proposed research project or for how a request for special scientific equipment or chemicals for classroom teaching demonstrations can help the teacher in class lectures. Each school can apply for more than one grant.

If you wish to request a grant, Click HERE and complete our online Grant Request Form. Although ample space is provided we encourage you to keep the description of your proposed research project equipment requests to the basics: title and research plan, or how your equipment/chemical request is important. Providing your e-mail address, school name and address will facilitate an early response.

If you would like further information, you may contact us at: