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Presentations In 2014

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Subject Speaker Date
What Killed Your Ancestors? Presented By: James C. Dillon, MD, Emeritus, IU School of Medicine, club member 12/15
        PRESENTATIONS IN 2014    
Weird Science; Getting “Joe Public” to Work with Data Analysis and Scientific Literature Conducted By: Robert E. Pyatt, PhD, Associate Director, Cytogenetics & Molecular Genetics Lab, Nationwide Children’s Hospital; Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pathology, Ohio State University 1/13
A Developer's Dream in the Dunes Presented By: Suzanne Stanis, Director of Heritage Education and Information, Indiana Landmarks 1/20
A SWOT Analysis for the State of Indiana; reviewing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats Presented By: Matthew Will, PhD, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Indianapolis 1/27
Hoosiers in Hollywood Presented By: David L. Smith, retired Professor of Telecommunication, Ball State University 2/03
Chocolate for the Health of It, The “Food of the Gods” Presented By: Christina Ferroli, PhD, RD, Purdue Extension, Marion County 2/10
Environmental Studies at Manchester University Presented By: Jerry Sweeten, PhD, Biology Professor, Manchester University 2/17
Indianapolis Metropolitan Cyber Defense Force Presented By: Mr. Leo Doyle 2/24
DNA: From Double Helix to Your Personal Genome in 60 Years Presented By: Alexandre M. Erkine, PhD, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Butler University 3/03
Mechanics and Acoustics of the Pipe Organ Presented By: Rev. Robert A. Schilling, retired Organist/ Choirmaster, North United Methodist Church 3/10
History of Hook's Drug Stores Presented By: Chuck Hazelrigg, Registered Pharmacist and Dentist 3/17
Rise Above the Mark: Promoting Education Reforms That Work Presented By: Rocky D. Killion, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools, West Lafayette School System 3/24
Tale of my Grandfather--The Story of Daniel R. Christian Presented By: Jim Dillon, MD 3/31
Global Nutritional Research Presented By: Gregory A. Reinhart, PhD, Ohio State University, 4/07
Indianapolis Catacombs Tour Arranged By: Jim Bettner 4/14
Where Are All the Butterflies? Presented By: John Thieme, BS, Entomology, Purdue University 4/21
A Transforming World: dynamic forces sweeping across the globe Presented By: Josette Rathbun, MBA in Financial Planning 4/28
The Sino-Japanese War, after Pearl Harbor Presented By: Dr.GonzaloChua 5/05
Green Energy Installation at Eastern Illinois University Presented By: Jim Willson, PE and Gary Reed, PE 5/12
A Fever When Walter Came to Indianapolis Presented By: Stephen J. Jay, MD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health 5/19
Integrating Music Therapy into Healthcare. Presented By: Debra Burns, PhD, Associate Professor, IUPUI 6/2
The Adena Wilmington Tablets, A Mesoamerican Quincunx Presented By: Jon Haskel 6/9
Great Lakes Water Wars Presented By: Bill Stanley 6/16
Not Your Daddy's CSI Presented By: Jay Siegel, PhD, Consultant in Forensic Science, Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University 6/23
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Engineering Education: insights on the direction of engineering education Presented By: James C. Conwell, President, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 6/30
Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP) Presented By: Steve Nielsen, Director, Wet Distribution Engineering, Citizens Energy Group 7/07
Moving Wishard into the Future Presented By: : Lisa E. Harris, MD, CEO/Medical Director of Eskenazi Health 7/14
What can you do to Help Prevent Health Care Fraud? Presented By: Nancy Stone, SMO Program Director, and Ronda Crist, Coordinator of Volunteers 7/21
Novum Organum II: Going Beyond the Scientific Research Model Presented By: Chris Edwards, Ed. D. 7/28
The New US 31 in Hamilton County Presented By: Jason L. Rowley 8/04
Abraham Lincoln, an Historical Presentation Presented By: Theodore E. Bruzas 8/11
daVinci Pursuit Presented By: Mark Kesling, CEO daVinci Pursuit 8/18
World War II in Norway Presented By: Bob Sorensen 8/25
Tour of Beck’s Hybrids and Harger Farms Arranged By: Jim Bettner 9/08
Highly Reliable Healthcare Presented By: Bill Corley, Special Consultant for Health Care Improvement LLC. 9/15
The Story of IU Health: Past, Present, and Future Presented By: Daniel F. Evans, Jr., President and CEO, IU Health 9/22
911 and the Fire Service Presented By: Richard F. Osland, Search and Rescue Squad Leader 9/29
Booth Museum of Western Art Presented By: Lou Stanley -- Schoolteacher. Scientech member 10/6
Tour of Benton County Wind Farm Arranged By: Jim Bettner 10/13
What You Need to Know About Unmanned Systems Presented By: Richard Baker, PhD 10/20
Pediatric Heart Surgeries, Vocational Training Team Presented By: Salim Najjar, Past District Governor of Rotary D6560 10/27
River Gunboats in the Civil War Presented By: Max Hill, retired Union Carbide manager 11/03
The Cure for St. Anthony’s Fire: The Dawn of the Antibiotic Age Presented By: William Dick, MD, Past-President, The Scientech Club 11/10
Environment and Temperament in the Hippocratic Writings Presented By: Tiberiu Popa, PhD, Associate Professor, Butler University 11/17
Adventures in Astronomy: Building a 30-meter Telescope Presented By: Catherine Pilachowski, PhD 11/24
Seeing is Believing Presented By: Gordon Mendenhall, Sr. Stella Sabina 12/01
Listen Smart: A Program Designed to Preserve the Hearing of Young People Presented By: Dick Garret, Club member 12/08
What Killed Your Ancestors? Presented By: James C. Dillon, MD, Emeritus, IU School of Medicine, club member 12/15