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Presentations In 2011

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Subject Speaker Date
The Impact of Computers and the Internet on Science and Mathematics Education David DeBrota, Medical Fellow, Eli Lilly and Company 12/19
        PRESENTATIONS IN 2011    
Integrated Pest Management in Schools - Bed Bug Issue John Carter 1/03
Aviation of Earlier Days: Pictorial Presentation and Commentary on Significant Events in Aviation Prior to the Jet Age Arthur Freeman 1/10
Stem Cells Louis Pelus, PhD 1/17
Zion National Park - In Depth Bill Stanley 1/24
Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety Dr. Glenn Bingle 1/31
Industrial agriculture and the global threat of antimicrobial resistance Stephen Jay, M.D, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, I.U. School of Medicine 2/07
The Space Program - Everyone's Gain Scott Phillips, MD, FACS, FAAOA 2/14
A History of Engineering Projects Jim Baize 2/21
A History of the Indiana Central Canal J. Darrell Bakken, Emeritus Member, Scientech Club 2/28
Just the Facts, Ma'am - A Global Warming Primer Dick Garrett 3/07
Design Concept of an Advanced Delta Wing Racing Car Ben Bolby, Ganassi Racing 3/14
Wind and Seismic Structural Design of Buildings Rod McComas, P.E., S.E., SECB 3/21
The Future of Indiana University Health Daniel F. Evans, Jr., President and CEO, Indiana University Health 3/28
Protecting The Homeland: Protection of Citizenry, Infrastructure and Our Freedoms David Koltick, Director Applied Physics Laboratory, Professor of Physics, Purdue University 4/04
The Remaking of the Grand Hotels in Springs Valley, IN Claude McNeal 4/11
The Indiana Super Mileage Challenge James M. Thompson, President IMSTEA 4/18
The Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI) of Grand Valley State University Dr. Alan Steinman, Director 4/25
Analyzing Disaster - The BP Oil Spill Steven T. Wereley, Ph. D. 5/02
The Fall Creek/White River Tunnel Vision for Capturing Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) John Trypus, Project Manager 5/09
Antarctic Glacial and Geological History Dr. Kathy Licht, Assoc. Prof Earth Sciences, IUPUI 5/16
Window to the Past: Nile Valley's Ancient Civilizations Share Valuable Lessons Dr. Michele T Buzon 5/23
The Physics of Sailing and the Experience of Crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a Five-Masted, Square-rigged Ship...Twice! Bonnie Carter 6/06
Some Solutions to Life and the Universe: Observations from Dr. Alan D. Schmidt 6/13
Transformation of the Library in the Information Age Lewis Miller, Dean of Libraries, Butler University Libraries 6/20
Advances in BioCrossroads David Johnson, President & CEO, BioCrossroads 6/27
Discovering the Science of the Environment and Results of Foundation Boat Trip Brooke Furge & Kara Salazar, IUPUI Center for Earth & Environmental Science (CEES) 7/11
Tour of French Lick and West Baden Hotels Tour Guide Ms. Sandi Woodward, Indiana Landmarks 7/18
Tour of Classic Italy Dr. Charles Shoup, Past-President, Scientech 7/25
The Institute for Shipboard Education Alison Brown, Julie Kiefer, Sue Kiefer 8/01
Sails, Sailing & Aero/Hydrodynamics Bonnie Carter 8/08
The History of Alcoholics Anonymous in Indiana Bob S & Bruce C 8/15
Discovery at Purdue Dave Kotterman, BSIE, MBA, Managing Director for Launching Centers & Institutes, Purdue University 8/22
What's Wrong with this Picture: The Technical Analysis of a Known Forgery Gregory Smith, PhD, Otto N. Frenzel III Senior Conservation Scientist at the IMA 8/29
Fat Dogs & Coughing Horses - Animal Contributions to a Healthy Citizenry Dr. Sandra Amass, Professor, Food Animal Production Medicine, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Purdue University 9/12
3D Medical Imaging for Autostereoscopic Display in Improving Clinical Results Dr. Lauren Christopher, Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept., IUPUI 9/19
Outside Art at the IMA Mark Zelonis, IMA Deputy Director of Environmental & Historic Preservation 9/26
Electric Vehicles (via the Purdue Grand Prix & Recharging Stations) Dr. James Caruthers, Reilly Professor of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University 10/03
Tour of R.R. Donnelley Printing, Crawfordsville, IN Les Martin and Donnelley staff 10/10
A Journey of a Lifetime Gonz Chua 10/17
Evolution of a Battle Rifle and a New Use for Unused Ammunition David Armstrong, Crane Naval Weapons Center 10/24
Sherlock Holmes and the Beginning of Modern Forensic Science David Zauner, VP, The Illustrious Clients of Indianapolis 10/31
Purpose and Mission of the D.J.Angus Foundation George Cunningham, Foundation VP 11/07
You've Got Mail: How Did it Get Here? Technological Advancements in the USPS Paul Chaffee, Postmaster, Zionsville Post Office 11/14
How They Got 470 mpg in the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contests Craig Vetter (by DVD) 11/21
One Step at a Time: A Young Marine's Story of Courage, Hope and a New Life in the NFL Josh Bleill, Indianapolis Colts, Public Relations Dept. 11/28
Plastic Paints and the Perceived Role of Static Charge in Dirt Accumulation on Modern Art Dr. Gregory Dale Smith, Otto N. Frenzel III Senior Conservation Scientist, IMA 12/05
A Program of Mystifying Illusions Scientech's Own George Notaras 12/12
The Impact of Computers and the Internet on Science and Mathematics Education David DeBrota, Medical Fellow, Eli Lilly and Company 12/19