Guidelines for Proposing a Scientech Program

1. Prepare and Submit an on-line Proposal form:

--- for a TALK, click HERE.

--- for a TOUR, click HERE.

2. Obtain Board of Directors APPROVAL for your proposal. The Program Manager will present your proposal at the next Board Meeting. You will be notified of their action.

3. Select an open Date from the Program Calendar, located under Upcoming Programs on the Navigation Bar. Notify the Program Manager IMMEDIATELY about the date chosen. The Program Manager will update the Program Calendar. The Sponsor should check the Program Calendar to confirm that his/her Presentation is listed correctly.

4. On the Selected Date -- For a Talk, It is the Sponsor's responsibility to arrange for the Proposed Speaker to get to the meeting. The Sponsor will introduce the Speaker at the meeting. For a Tour, The Tour Director is responsible for managing Tour transportation and meals, while the Sponsor is responsible for communicating with the Contact at the Tour facility.