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The Scientech Club Foundation (formerly the D.J. Angus - Scientech Foundation) is a private, 501c3 foundation that was initiated by Bob Annis in 1967 to create an appropriate and lasting memorial to Donald J. Angus, an outstanding Indianapolis engineer and citizen and a founder and charter member of the Scientech Club. It is the philanthropic arm of the Scientech Club. The purpose of the Foundation is to foster and promote the education of deserving students oriented toward studies in engineering, science, technology, medicine, and related fields. Originally many club members mentored and helped students with science education. After the formation of the Foundation, assisting students was placed on a more formal basis.

A timeline will illustrate the history of the promotion of science for students:

1921 - Science Services, Inc. founded 1950 - First National Science & Engineering Fair held in Philadelphia Sponsored by Science Services
1960 - Tenth Science & Engineering Fair held in Indianapolis. Dr. Karl Kaufmann was in charge. Bob Kryter was Director of Judging
1965 - D.J. Angus donated his boat, the Angus, to Grand Valley State University in Michigan
1966 - D.J. Angus died
1967 - Foundation begun in honor of their mentor, D.J. Angus. Founders were: Bob Annis, Bob Kryter, Herman Horstman, Nick Wade, Lewis S. Finch and Gerald Carrier
1967 - Dr. Ron Ward established the Angus as an important research vessel on Lake Michigan
1968 - Boat Trip in Michigan for Science Fair winners; it continued for forty years

Funds were given from the Angus estate to begin the Foundation. Members and other groups also contributed.

Many Scientech Club members belonged to the Indianapolis Science and Engineering Foundation, founded in 1961. Members learned how this Foundation worked. It promoted the advancement and improvement of scientific and engineering education. They worked with private and government groups but did not award scholarships.

An early project for the Foundation was the Indiana Regional Science Fair. In 1960 the National Science Fair Meeting was held in Indianapolis. Judges were needed. So Scientech Club provided volunteers. Thus began more than 40 years of support for the Science Fair in Central Indiana. In the beginning, three universities were involved: Marian, Butler, and Indiana Central (now University of Indianapolis). There were certain problems with both Butler and IUPUI, so Indiana Central was placed in charge of hosting the Science Fair. They did a fine service and the event was held at the State Fairgrounds. Financial awards were bestowed on the top student exhibitor. In addition, slide rules were given out, and later laptop computers were awarded.

Moreover, the best students were invited to go to the Annis Water Institute at Grand Valley State University in Michigan for the boat trip. Students did research on water issues in the streams and on Lake Michigan. The R.B. Annis Water Research Institute at Grand Valley State University (MI) had been funded for many years. Also, the Dr. Ron Ward Scholarship at GVSU has been awarded yearly.

A financial need scholarship was established at Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. Later colleges added were Indiana University, Purdue University and IUPUI. In the late 1980's the Most Improved Student Award was given to a student who improved his or her grades significantly from one year to the next. In the early days, Butler, Marian and Indiana Central were involved, as was the Coast Guard Academy (Angus was a Coast Guard reservist). This list later increased to as many as 19 colleges. Awards were $750 per college.

Another major project was the Children's Museum. Donations were made for science outreach and many new programs were created. Scholarships were given to disadvantaged youths. Classes were given to: 3-5 years olds, 5-7 year olds, 8-12 year olds, 12-15 year olds and 14-18 year old children. A teacher workshop was also instituted. The Foundation contributed to "Science Works" and some members volunteered to teach at various exhibits. From 1999 to 2009, $30,000-36,000 per year was given to the Museum from the Foundation.

The Children's Museum also had a Junior Scientech Club. Some children came to the Monday lectures. Many children toured the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on a bus trip with Club members.

The Indiana Science Olympiad was held at Purdue University or Indiana University. From 2001-2006, $7,000 was donated each year for the Olympiad. Donations were also made to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts,$ 500-750 each; Learn About Business at Wabash College ($3,000); and Purdue Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects ($3,000). $5,000 scholarships were given to Rose Hulman, IU, IUPUI, Purdue and to Grand Valley State University. The Opportunities to Learn About Business (OLAB) at Wabash College has been a worthwhile project for many years.

More recently, donations have been made to Eagle Creek Foundation. $1,000 grants were given for many years. In 2013, $2,000 was given for the Ornithology Center, which is visited by nearly one thousand school children yearly. In 2014, $5,000 was given for computer work stations in a lecture room in the Ornithology Center. The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Central Indiana has been an excellent opportunity to help children and young adults.

Another recent addition is the Herman B Wells Program at Riley Hospital. College or graduate students spend 40 hours a week with a researcher on a project. They are expected to write an abstract and give a presentation on the subject at the end of three months. The presentations were attended by Scientech Club members in both years. The lectures were very impressive. Also for the last two years $1,000 has been given to the Elwood Haynes Museum in Kokomo, IN. Haynes was a car manufacturer, an inventor and a charter member of Scientech Club in 1918.

Some of the Programs that have been supported:

R.B. Annis Water Research Institute at Grand Valley State University
Opportunities to Learn About Business (OLAB) at Wabash College
Girl Scouts and Boys Scouts of Central Indiana
Most Improved Student Awards to 16 Colleges and Universities
Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research Summer Internship Program
Ron Ward Scholarship at Grand Valley State University
Earth Discovery Center at Eagle Creek Park
Elwood Haynes Museum, Kokomo, IN
School Science Club Awards
Purdue University Science Bound W/S Middle Schoolers

Current Programs:

IUPUI Power Camp (Preparing Outstanding Women for Engineering Roles)
Scientech Club Foundation Scholarship at Carmel High School
Scientech Club Foundation Scholarship at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School
Scientech Club Foundation Scholarship at North Central High School
Scientech Club Foundation Scholarship at Scecina High School
Scientech Club Summer Institute for Advancing Science Education in Indiana (Teachers). Click HERE for more information on the Institute and a letter from a recent attendee.

The Scientech Club Foundation is funded through donations, bequests, and memorial gifts made to the memory of an individual. Investments are mostly in common stock, with some bonds and cash. There have been many brokers who managed the money over the years. The current broker is keeping up with the S&P 500 every year. The Foundation is a 501 C3 organization; donations are fully tax-deductible.

The Foundation consists of 24 members. Most are past presidents or are Scientech Club officers or directors. General Board Meetings are held four times per year, as are Financial Review meetings. The Foundation has had nearly 50 years of service and the future for science and engineering education looks bright.