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Since 1918 -- a club for people who never stop learning...

The Scientech Club provides a forum for weekly presentations and discussions in the fields of science and technology and other topics for the enlightenment of its membership.

Meetings are typically held every Monday at noon at The Northside Events and Social Club (2100 East 71st Street, Indianapolis). Most recently, these meetings have also been available live on Zoom for those who are unable to attend in person. On occasion, the meeting may be held at a place of interest in the greater Indianapolis area, such as a scientific facility or historical site. Members are welcome to bring guests at any time. In addition, an optional buffet lunch is offered at the NESC at a nominal fee before the meeting.

The Scientech Club is associated with an outstanding local charitable Foundation, The Scientech Club Foundation, established by Scientech members to promote science education. Visit the Foundationís new website at for information about the Foundation and our grants.