Scientech Program Calendar


3/27/2017 --- Science of Forensic Document Examination

Speaker: Diane K. Tolliver --- Bachelor of Science in Criminology Indiana State University, Masters of Public Administration from Indiana University,Indiana State Police Forensic Document Unit Supervisor, Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners, Past President of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners
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She gave a fascinating presentation on forgeries, authenticating important documents and signatures using various scientific methods at our local Mensa monthly meeting.

4/3/2017 --- Best Practices in Philanthropy, Nonprofits, and Foundations

Speaker: Jeff Rasley --- Scientech member serving on Foundation Board, Butler & Marian U adjunct prof, J.D. and M.Div degrees
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Ethics, or lack thereof, in running foundations have been the subject of news reports during the current presidential election. So what are the ethical requirements and how does our own Scientech Foundation rate?

4/4/2017 --- Board Meeting

4/10/2017 --- Secret City

Speaker: C. S. Shoup --- Scientech Club Member, former research scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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Photographic story of the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb during World War II, with emphasis on the secret city of Oak Ridge. This is an encore presentation from 2010, but with a few new photos and video clips. May be used for emergency or scheduled.

4/17/2017 --- Visiting Col. Eli Lilly's start-up. The making of an exhibition in the "You are There" series.

Speaker: Angela Wolfgram --- Exhibitions Researcher at Indiana Historical Society
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Visitors to You Are There: Eli Lilly at the Beginning step back in time to the colonelís original laboratory on Pearl Street, then a small, locally owned business just getting off the ground. Learn about the life and past experiences of the colonel and the philanthropic values that would go on to shape todayís multinational corporation with more than 100 years of transformative charitable giving. Experience the Indianapolis wholesale district in the late 1800s and interact with Lillyís first employees as they toil in the drug-making business. What you see was painstakingly researched by our speaker. she will tell us about the experience.

4/24/2017 --- The science in bonsai design.

Speaker: Carl Wooldridge DO --- Retired Orthopedic Surgeon. Vice President Indianapolis Bonsai Society.14 years experience With Bonsai. Two time Grand Champion winner of Indiana state fair. Has shown trees in last three National Bonsai Convention. Had tree selected for The Artisan Cup in Portland Oregon,2015. (only 72 trees accepted nationally).
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Bonsai, tree in a tray, has been around for over 2000 years! There several biological and esthetic principles i.e.. Fibonacci sequence, that have been observed and maintained.Why are people so attracted to bonsai? How should one look at a bonsai plant? How can one get started? These are questions I often hear. This talk will be informative and enjoyable. Carl Wooldridge

5/1/2017 --- Who We Are

Speaker: John Whitaker --- Executive Director, Indianapolis Midwest Food Bank
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John Whitaker will discuss the mission and values, history, food and disaster relief efforts, leadership, locations and corporate partners that help make his organization one of the tops in disaster relief in the U.S.

5/2/2017 --- Board meeting

5/8/2017 --- STEM Scouts

Speaker: Spencer Waldman --- head of the coed STEM Scout program in Central Indiana (Sponsored By: Steve Springer)

New program in scouting establishing Scout Labs and use of the mobile laboratory. Will bring the VORTEX lab bus to the meeting for a tour in the parking lot

5/15/2017 --- Medicine in Antarctica

Speaker: Richard or Teresa Trierweiler --- Richard Trierweiler M.D., M.P.H., F.A.W.M.
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160 pictures of 6 months in 2016 at McMurdo Base, Antarctica with some medical stories.

5/22/2017 --- "Antibiotic Resistance"

Speaker: Dr Robert Baker MD --- Dr Baker is a specialist in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases at the Community Health Network.
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The talk will discuss the history and current status of antibiotic resistant infections nationally and locally. Clinical treatment approaches will be discussed.

5/29/2017 --- Memorial Day-No Meeting

6/5/2017 --- (TBA)

6/6/2017 --- Board meeting

6/12/2017 --- (TBA)

6/19/2017 --- (TBA)

6/26/2017 --- "History: Yours and Ours"

Speaker: Jacqueline Nytes --- Chief Executive Officer Indianapolis Public Library
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Her talk will cover two themes: (1) the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis Central Library, and (2) a brief summary of the effort to digitally preserve the Scientech Club's Newsletter. This collection now includes 4,658 newsletters spanning 97 years.

7/3/2017 --- No Meeting-Independance Day Weekend

7/10/2017 --- FLY-OVER STATES ORIGINS; 1783-1848

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Transappalachia was obtained from the U.K. after the USA stole it at the negotiating table and back stabbed their French and Spanish allies. The French in Terre Haute and Vincennes helped. Louisiana was sold by Napoleon when he did not own it. The Napoleonic Wars helped the USA survive the 1812 invasion of Canada. Texas forced the Mexican War and the loss of 50% of Mexico. At the Peace table the whole country was up for grabs by the USA.

7/11/2017 --- Board meeting

7/17/2017 --- Discovering Humans

Speaker: John Langdon --- John Langdon is Professor of Biology and Anthropology at the University of Indianapolis, where he teaches human evolution, gross anatomy, and other subjects. He is the author or editor of five books. His latest, "The Science of Human Evolution: Getting it Right" (Springer, 2016) uses case studies to illustrate the power and limitations of the scientific methods in this discipline.
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The scientific method offers a way to study the natural world objectively, but we approach research questions with biases influenced by our culture and our personal experiences. This problem is especially apparent in the study of human evolution, which bridges the social and natural sciences. I will describe how some discoveries, old and new, force us to confront our assumptions of what it means to be a human and present us with new perspectives.

7/24/2017 --- An overview of the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine

Speaker: Multiple --- (Sponsored By: Jim Willson)

Recent discoveries in medicine, chemistry and physics which have won the Nobel Prize.

8/1/2017 --- Board Meeting

8/7/2017 --- Inspiring the next generation; revolutionizing STEM education

Speaker: Greg McCauley --- Executive Director/CEO Link Observatory Space Science Institute; In the early 1970ís, Greg worked for NASA at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston Texas in Mission Planning and Analysis for the Apollo Program. Greg was involved in Apollo 15 and 16, was a member of the Lunar Launch Team for Apollo 17, and held a NASA Top Secret clearance.
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STEM education is falling behind in Indiana. Link Observatory Space Science Institute has created and implemented revolutionizing programs in STEM education that are currently being used in Indiana classrooms. A generous grant from the Scientech Foundation has helped middle and high school students become inspired and engaged in STEM education through a focus on NASA missions, astronomy, and space exploration. Hear how your donation is changing STEM education in Indiana and inspiring future generations to pursue STEM courses of study.

9/5/2017 --- Board meeting

10/3/2017 --- Board meeting

10/21/2017 --- ANNUAL DINNER - at Woodland Country Club

11/6/2017 --- Popular WWII era music along with patriotic and military service songs

Speaker: New Horizons Swing Band --- New Horizons Band of Indianapolis (Sponsored By: George McCord, MD)

The New Horizons Swing Band is pleased to again offer a program of popular WWII era music along with patriotic and military service songs for the Scientech Club of Indianapolis meeting, preferably 6 November 2017 preceding Veterans Day. Dr. Roy Ernst at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester New York started the New Horizons initiative about 25 years ago. The aim was to develop local music groups to expand music-making opportunities for seniors as well as fostering social integration and mental stimulation. New Horizons music groups are now found both nationally and internationally. The groups are not limited to bands, but also include orchestras, choruses, and other music groups. Though most members are over 50 years of age, some into their 90ís, qualifying age restrictions have generally been dropped. Participation is encouraged for members of any degree of musical expertise, from beginners to professionals. Sam Rhinesmith, retired North Central High School Department Chair and Director of Bands, with Warner Paige, President of Paigeís Music, started the New Horizons Band of Indianapolis in 1994. The present director is John Marshall, retired Chairman of the Performing Arts Department and Head Band Director of Pike High School. Assistant director and conductor of the Swing Band is Al Spangler, retired director of the Speedway High School Band. The New Horizons Swing Band consists of about 20 musicians from the 60-member general band who have a special interest in the jazz band genre. This group performs about a dozen times a year for community festivals, church sponsored activities, retirement facilities, and service organizations.