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In October 1918, a group of business leaders, scientists, engineers, and other professionals banded together to provide a forum for interdisciplinary exchange of technical knowledge.  They chose the name The Scientech Club.  Among the 164 charter members were D.J .Angus, Hugh J. Baker, Elwood Haynes, W. H. Insley, Eli Lilly, Willbur Shook, and Dr. Frank Wade.

For its first 60 years, Scientech Club was an organization of men. After the By-laws were amended in February 1980, four women promptly applied for membership. Since that time, many more women have participated in Club activities and have served in several official capacities, including Club President.

The Club has survived the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, military service and industrial mobilization in World War II, and the amazing developments in electronics, pharmaceutical chemistry, and automobile, aeronautic and space travel of the last half-century. We look forward with great anticipation to further developments in all these fields.


Scientech club membership represents a broad array of knowledge and experience, and persons from all disciplines are welcome to join the Club. In accordance with the Club Charter, “members are good-natured all of the time, serious in purpose most of the time, given to fun part of the time, and free from bitterness at any time.”

You can obtain a membership application by coming to a Weekly Meeting, introducing yourself, and joining in the conversation over lunch. You will have a name badge identifying you as a visitor.

The Vice-president is chairman of the Membership Committee and recommends new members to the Board of Directors at their monthly meeting. We are always on the lookout for new members who share our interest in the fields of science, engineering, education, and medicine. New members must be sponsored by two existing members of the Club.

Dues are established by the Board of Directors each year to cover the costs of running the Club. Currently, dues are $50 per year ($25 after mid-year) for members living or working in Marion and contiguous counties; half as much for more remote members. There is no initiation fee and no assessments or fines are levied.

Members of the Club receive a weekly newsletter which includes a comprehensive summary of the talk that was presented that week. A long-time member, Bob Annis, once described the newsletter as the glue that holds the organization together. The newsletters are distributed to members by e-mail and printed copies are available at the Club's Weekly Meetings.

If you would like to obtain an Application Form to join The Scientech Club, click HERE.

Weekly Meetings

Scientech meetings are held nearly every Monday at noon at the Northside Knights of Columbus just west of Keystone on 71st Street. Click HERE for further details on the location.

Anyone may attend a Weekly Meeting for an admission fee of $2.00, which covers room rental, table setup, free coffee and iced tea. For an additional $10.00, attendees may wish to enjoy a buffet lunch before the meeting. The buffet opens at 11:15 a.m.

The meeting begins at noon with announcements and introductions, followed by the presentation, which is usually illustrated with slides or digital images. Members of the audience may ask questions or make comments. The meeting ends promptly at 1:00 p.m. Some meetings may be replaced with a tour of some place of interest. Any exceptions are noted on the Program Calendar page of this website.

There are no attendance requirements for the Club. Members attend because they are interested in the wide variety of topics covered. It is these programs, together with the fellowship of individuals of similar outlook and interest, that account for the Club's long existence.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, considering a possible membership, or would like further information about the Scientech Club, please contact us at the following address:


Programs at Weekly Meetings cover a wide variety of topics, generally in scientific, engineering, medical, or educational fields with a few reports of travel in various parts of the world. Periodically, tours are made to museums, manufacturing plants, or other points of interest. Each program is summarized in the Club newsletter which is distributed to members by e-mail, a day or two following the meeting. An index of all programs, beginning 2007, and a summary of each one may also be viewed on the Past Programs section of this website.

To see a complete list of all upcoming, scheduled programs, click on Upcoming Programs on the menu bar, and select the Program Calendar page on the dropdown menu.

To view the Master Index of all previous programs or Summaries of each of them, click on Past Programs on the menu bar.

Do you have a good idea for a Club program? Well, of course you do! Each Program must have a Scientech Member as a Sponsor. This means that each one of us can be (should be!) a Sponsor sometime. The process is simple and easy.

Click HERE to see the instructions for submitting a Program Proposal.

Club Honors

This section lists the Emeritus Members of the Scientech Club, selected for their service to the Club, and identifies the achievements of various members for awards received for Community Service, Professional and Civic Awards,  Academic Honors, and the Governor's special award - the Sagamore of the Wabash.

The members who have been named a Sagamore of the Wabash each have an article written about them; they are listed in the order of the award. Other notable contributions will be added as Scientech becomes aware of the citations. Most of these will list current awards but efforts will be made to give recognition to honors received in the recent past.

To see the list of honors awarded to Club members, click HERE