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This page is intended to highlight some of the outside activities of Scientech members

Scientech Hiking Group


Scientech Hikers

The Scientech hiking group is for the purpose of providing easy to moderate hikes for our members and friends, to get exercise, enjoy nature, and get to spend some social time together. Some hikes will be short ones around Indianapolis right after the Monday meeting. Others will be out-of-town day trips to locations around central Indiana. These will require bringing water or other beverage and a packed lunch. Car pooling will be arranged where possible. Most of our hikes will be suitable for those that can do 3 to 4 miles of walking. Occasionally, they will involve some steeper hill climbing, which we will let you know about ahead of time.


Eagle Creek Bridge

Earlier this year we made a short hike at the south end of the Zionsville Rail Trail to the stone bridge across Eagle Creek.



Devils Backbone


Honeycomb Rock




Top Trail

Our next hike was in the Pine Hills Nature Preserve, a remote part of Shades State Park. Here we walked through a heavily wooded areas containing many unusual trees that are relics of the last glacial era, across a narrow ridge and down a long staircase, past Honeycomb rock, and then up a steep hill to cross the Devils Backbone, a narrow stone bridge across a 60-foot drop.


Fort Harrison Hikers

A following attempt at Fort Harrison took an unexpected turn. When we got there we found out the park was closed for a deer hunt! Anyway, we made the best of the situation and took a walk around some of the old Fort Harrison housing property. It turned into an adventure when we decided to find our way to the water (Fall Creek), but it turned out that all we found was a drainage ditch. So we scrambled across that and then did some bushwacking near the old water tower and back around to our car. Thanks to a smartphone program we were able to determine that we did 1.7 miles.







Our first hike this year was to the Bitternut Woods, a Nature Conservancy Preserve adjacent to the Brown residence. The following pictures were taken by Siegmund Haider:




This year we returned to Fort Harrison for an easy hike of several miles along a wooded trail

Scientech Biking Group

The Scientech Bike Group is comprised of members who have a common interest in Urban, Bike Trail and Suburban/Rural rides of varying lengths. We predominantly meet after Monday meetings at the K. of C. or other nearby locations for rides varying in length from one to three hours in length. There are also plans for future rides on other days where lenth may be greater. We average 8-12 mph. for most rides, depending on terrain, location, and participants. All Scientech Members are encouraged and are welcome to join us as future rides are announced.