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Vol 91 No 27 - July 21, 2014

What can you do to Help Prevent Health Care Fraud?

Presented By: Nancy Stone, SMO Program Director, and Ronda Crist, Coordinator of Volunteers,


Nancy Stone and
Ronda Crist

The guest speakers are the two main officers of Senior Medicare Patrol, a non-profit organization designed to help Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to prevent, detect and report health care fraud. Health care fraud is estimated to cost $20 --$60 billion dollars a year. The SMP is designed to protect older patients and help preserve the integrity of Medicare and Medicaid programs. It relys purely on volunteers to perform its mission.

Most of Scientech members are familiar with the Medicare programs which is divided into Part A,B,C and D Part A provides inpatient hospital care, nursing care, some home health services and Hospice care. Part B provides outpatient health services that cover physicians services, X Rays, mental health services. It also provides durable medical equipment (DME) which is the subject of significant fraudulent practices. Part C is medical advantage which replaces Part A and B and any Medigap supplement. Part D is Prescription Drug coverage.

Medicare Fraud is Intentionally billing Medicare for services that were not received or billing for services at a higher rate. Medicare Abuse is providing services not necessary or that do not meet professional standards. These fraudulent practices affect everyone and put the Medicare trust fund at risk.

Consequences of fraudulent practice may affect our benefits. Loss of our Medicare number cannot be replaced and the number also could be used for other criminal activities. It is imperative that we need to protect ourselves from fraud by being vigilant. We need to treat our Medicare card and number like our credit card. We should noty give out our number except to our care provider and do not carry it in our wallet or purse. We should review our Medicare Summary Notices to check the services we receive and for double billing or services not ordered.

We should access Medicare information on line at and check our MED, Part B deductible status and also find appropriate drug plans. A Personal Health Care Journal could be kept for reference to check against medical bills. Report any suspected fraudulent charges to your provider and SMP. Finally, a call was made for seniors to volunteer for Indiana SMP.

Notes by Bill Dick