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Vol 92 No 15 - April 20, 2015

Hosting the 2012 Super Bowl

Presented By: Allison Melangton, CEO, 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Committee


Allison Melangton

The Scientech Club was most fortunate in having Allison Melangton as our speaker today. Her accomplishments in general are outstanding but her accomplishments that benefit our community are almost legendary.

She was educated at Colorado State University with a BA in Sports Administration. She served on the Executive Leadership team of the Indiana Sports Corporation for twenty years, serving the last two years as president. On November 1, 2014 she was named the Senior Vice President responsible for overall production of major events at the Speedway.

The project of working to attract the attention of the NFL owners and executing a successful Super Bowl is at least a four-year task. First comes the preparation of the bid that will be presented to the owners. This bid package is extremely comprehensive and was put together, under her direction, by a team of 80 people. A Super Bowl is one of most complicated events to plan and execute in America. A comparable event would be a national political convention.

The city of Indianapolis has an enduring philosophy of planning and doing events that help the entire community. A goal is to get as many people involved as possible. The 2012 Super Bowl engaged 8,000 volunteers and produced “legacy investments” that will benefit the city for years into the future. The east side of Indianapolis benefitted from investments totaling $154,000,000 that were used to enhance the area for years to come, for example, the CHASE Community Center.

Another way to expand involvement was to ask Indiana residents to knit scarves that would be given to all 8,000 volunteers to help identify them and to keep them warm if the weather got cold. In total, knitters from 45 states and four foreign countries produced 13,000 scarves!

Another approach was to ask 1000 women to contribute healthy breast tissue samples to be used in cancer research. One sample contributor developed breast cancer so the researchers were able to examine before and after tissue samples.

Other cities are more focused on providing an event so big-spending visitors can come to town and enjoy a Super Bowl football game. There is little to no residual benefit to their city except the advertising surrounding the hosting of the game.

Because of the careful planning and the community involvement (1,000,000 local people visited the Super Bowl Village over the eight days of the event), the 2012 Super Bowl is widely regarded as the most engaging and successfully organized Super Bowl in history. Allison played a brief video of accolades by TV personalities, sports announcers, and others that would make any central Indiana resident very proud to be a part of this community.

As residents of Indianapolis, we acknowledge and are indebted to our long list of community leaders who set the philosophy that events, in and of themselves, are not necessarily attractive unless there is a longer term community benefit. We are particularly indebted to Allison Melangton; she is an outstanding leader.

Notes by Dick Garrett