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The Scientech Club provides a forum for weekly presentations and discussions in the fields of science and technology and other topics for the enlightenment of its membership.

Regular, one-hour Meetings are, with the exception of holidays, held every Monday at noon at The Northside Knights of Columbus, 2100 East 71st Street, Indianapolis. Club Members, as well as the general public, may attend our Regular Meetings for a nominal contribution to pay for the facility. For those who wish, a buffet lunch may be enjoyed before the meeting. Occasionally, instead of a presentation, members and their guests may take a tour to a place of interest, such as a plant or historical site.

The Scientech Club is associated with an outstanding local charitable Foundation, The Scientech Club Foundation, established by Scientech members to promote science education. Information about the foundation may be found under the heading Foundations above.

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Click HERE to see a fascinating series of four videos produced by WISH TV about club member Jim Carter's personal collection of old heavy construction equipment.

Congratulations to Jim Dillon for his recent election to the Hamilton County Council and to Lou Mestichelli the new President of the University of Chicago Alumni Club succeeding fellow club member Jeff Rasley.

Click HERE for brief biographical information on the following new members of Scientech who have joined the club since the last Roster. :

Jesse Clark
Patricia Clark
Douglas Gettelfinger
William Irvine
Johanna Krauze
Dorothy Lorant
Ruth Ann Ingraham
Suzanne Mittenthal
James Palecek
James Shepherd