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Vol 91 No 39 - October 20, 2014

What You Need to Know About Unmanned Systems

Presented By: Richard Baker, PhD


Dr. Richard Baker

The talk today was broadly classified as dealing with unmanned systems. Dr. Baker holds a BS in mathematics and an MS in Computer Science from ISU. He earned his PhD in Information Systems from Nova South Eastern University. He has an extensive work history in industry and is cofounder of Xroads, a consulting firm dealing in unmanned systems. In 2003 he retired with the rank of colonel from the Indiana National Guard.

Unmanned systems are defined as devices or machines that are equipped with the necessary data processing units, sensing devices, automatic controls and communication systems, and are capable of performing missions without human intervention.

Dr. Baker initially pointed out the nearly infinite multiplicity of tasks that unmanned systems could perform. He then devoted more time to a detailed discussion of the tasks that are now or soon will be available using aircraft, from small to large and both heavier and lighter than air.

He discussed the problems with maintenance of safety in our air space with an ever increasing amount of air traffic, especially after large companies begin to make deliveries of merchandise with small UAVs.

Dr. Baker closed by presenting a close-up view of some of the activities of the classes at ISU in the current program which provides a minor in unmanned systems. It seems there will be a huge demand for people trained in this field.


Unmanned Plane


ISU Blimp


Unmanned Car


Unmanned Ship


Unmanned Package Delivery

Notes by Jack Slichenmyer