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Vol 91 No 36 - September 29, 2014

911 and the Fire Service

Presented By: Richard F. Osland, Indianapolis Fire Fighter and Search and Rescue Squad Leader


Richard Osland

Richard F Osland is an Indianapolis Fire Fighter and a specialist in hazardous materials. He also serves as one of the Indianapolis Fire Department chaplains.

Richard has been on the Indianapolis Fire Department for 26 years and is currently billeted at Fire Station 43 where he serves on Tactical Rescue Team 15. Richard also owns a fire training company and is an expert in fire equipment and tactics. He is married, has three children and holds the rank of captain in the fire department.

He pointed out that their rescue team is charged with the task of freeing people who are held captive in accidents and other events. They carry sophisticated equipment for cutting metal and concrete, lifting large loads and other specialized tasks associated with their duties.

Center A


His talk was an explanation of tactics used on 9/11 as the rescue team was called to service in New York City to help in rescue duties for the World Trade Center site.

On September 11, 2001, the first airplane hit the north tower at 8:47 AM with the second plane hitting the south tower at 9:02 AM. Subsequent to these two crashes two additional planes were involved in the crash into the Pentagon and the crash into a field in Pennsylvania. At 10:23, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) summoned Indianapolisí Tactical Rescue Team 15 to New York City. (The Indianapolis Team was one of 28 rescue teams summoned by FEMA to assist in the rescue and recovery of victims of this terrible attack.) The 104 members of the team and six search dogs, who would be assisting in New York City, assembled at the airport along with their equipment and were ready to depart by bus at 5:23 PM.

Upon arriving at the site they were all aware of the presence of death. There were many temporary morgues and in places body bags were stacked four high. Richard was worried about a secondary site attack by another terrorist team and was greatly relieved when the military arrived and fenced off the entire site. When asked if they were able to rescue anyone Richard became very emotional and said there were only body parts. It was very moving to see this reaction from such an experienced fireman.

Center B


They were initially assigned to search street level in the vicinity as well as subway areas near the site. Their longest assignment required them to search and secure the top twenty-seven floors of the fifty plus stories of the Merrill Lynch Building.

Their duties were needed for eleven days and team members covered their responsibilities 24 hours per day. They were sad when they had to leave because there was more work to be done but, of course, recovery work continued for many months.

We have all heard of the human after effects of workers on the site but Richard pointed out that several of the six dogs accompanying the team had to be taken out of service upon their arrival back in Indianapolis.

This talk rekindled many deep emotions for all of us but none deeper than the emotion of the members of this special team. We thank them for their service!

Notes by Dick Garrett