Application Instructions

Dear Applicant: Thank you for your interest in The Scientech Club. To apply for membership, please fill out an application form as completely as possible. Please provide a head and shoulders photo of yourself, at least 2" x 2" which you can attach to the printed application or send as a digital image by email to Membership Chairman, The Scientech Club. If necessary, a picture of you may be taken at any club meeting.

Your application will be acted upon at the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Please note that each application must be sponsored by two current Club members. If you are not familiar with any current members or have any questions, please contact the membership chairman by postal mail or by email to Membership Chairman, The Scientech Club.

Scientech dues are payable by check made out to The Scientech Club. Annual dues are:

Single Resident (Live or work in Marion or contiguous counties): $60/year.

Single Non-Resident (All other states or counties): $30/year.

Family Memberships (including both husband and wife):

Resident: $96/year.
Non-Resident: $48/year.

Note: Dues are reduced by 50% after July 31

Please click HERE to obtain a membership application which can be printed out. Copies of the application form are also available at the reception table at any club meeting. Please fill out this application and mail it with your check and your picture to the Membership Chairman.

You may mail or email the form and picture to the Membership Chairman (Addresses are on the form.) or bring them to the next Monday meeting that you attend.