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peggy sabens, gerald keener MD john Watson, Jason Simons and Janet McNeal -- John Watson, engineer and contractor, President of the Indianapolis Classical Schools Board of Directors Jason Simons Director of Development, ICS Janet McNeal, Head of Schools ICS Repurposing the historic Heslar Naval Armory: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 5/24/2018) Nationally recognized Herron High School is repurposing the Heslar Navel Armory into the permanent home of Riverside High School, the second campus of Herron High School. They are now called Indianapolis Classical Schools. This marvelous structure has been brought up to code by general contributions from individuals, foundations and those interested in preservation and education would appreciate scheduling as soon as possible so will be before the August 11 2018 event on the site. Perhaps July 23?
Alison Brown Jeannie Regan-Dinius -- Regan-Dinius has a lifelong interest in history, family history, and research. Before coming to the state, she was the executive director of a 96-acre historic park in Huntington, Ind. She came to the state in 2000 to help work on the Underground Railroad Research Initiative. She was given the additional responsibility of the Cemetery Registry, the Historic Theater Initiative, and public outreach. A Walk Through the Cemetery: (Sub: 7/9/2018) Cemeteries tell us much about who came before us. The size, shape, and documentation vary from religious groups, time period, and location. But, all are important outdoor museums. The symbols and markings that individuals put on their stones reveal much about the individual and his or her family. Jeannie R. Regan-Dinius, Director of Special Initiatives for the Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, will discuss the state of cemeteries in Indiana, the presumed meanings of markings, how pop culture affects stones, and what you need to look at when you walk through a cemetery.
Alison Brown Chris Flook -- President of the Delaware County Historical Society and a Lecturer of Telecommunications at Ball State University. In 2015, he published Native Americans of East-Central Indiana, a history of the native groups along the White River. Enigmatic Earthworks, Witch-Hunts, and the People from the Dawn: Indigenous History in East-Central Indiana: (Sub: 7/9/2018) The Indigenous history of east-central Indiana stretches back thousands of years. From the earthworks and mounds of the pre-contact native groups to the arrival of the post-contact Lenape, Miami, and Shawnee – the human history along West Fork of the White River in Indiana is ancient. However, more often than not, the indigenous experience is pushed into the background of Indiana’s Euro-American history. The resulting public deficiency in knowledge has yielded a profound ignorance of Native American history, culture, and experience. This session explores the archaeological record, recorded history, and oral traditions of those who inhabited this land before the first European ever set foot on the continent. (Speaker Comments: I only heard the last half of this at the Mensa Annual Gathering, but was extremely impressed.)
Alison Brown Dr. Mervyn D. Cohen -- Professor emeritus at IUPUI, pediatric radiologist at IU Health Physicians. Should you be afraid of X-ray radiation from Medical imaging.: (Sub: 7/9/2018) The lecture unravels the mysteries of medical imaging. What dangers exist from X-ray radiation from a medical imaging test? Can this radiation cause cancer? We review the scientific evidence and discuss how the media has been influenced to present their stories about the cancer risks from medical imaging radiation. A balanced conclusion will help you and your family members decide whether or not to have an imaging study that uses X-ray radiation.


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Jim Bettner Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Home in West Lafayette, IN: (Sub: 7/14/2018) This is a tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Samara House at 1301 Woodland Avenue, West Lafayette, IN. Designed for the John Christian family in 1954, this is said to be one or the most complete of Wright's design and represents a pristine example of Usonina architecture. It has been named a National Historic Landmark. PLEASE SCHEDULE FOR APRIL 15, 2019