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William H. Dick William H. Dick -- Scientech Club Historian Butler University & Hinkle Fieldhouse: (Emergency Use ONLY)(Sub: 8/6/2018) Butler University is a distinguished University in Indianapolis. Hinkle Fieldhouse is a historic fieldhouse where Butler plays its home games. It was the largest basketball arena in the U.S. from 1928-1950.
William H. Dick, M.D. William H. Dick, M.D. -- Scientech Club Historian The Erie Canal: (Also OK for Emergency Use)(Sub: 1/6/2019) The Erie Canal affected our nation by lowering shipping costs by 90% across NY State. It made NYC the "London of the United States."
M. P. Meisenheimer Carolyn Nordstrom -- Vice-President for faculty & academic resources, Purdue Global University. She has a n batchlor's in secondary education, a master's degree in counciling psychology, and a PhD in educational administration policy, all from Northwestern University. Purdue University Global- personalized online educational for the working adult: (Sub: 2/18/2019) Purdue University Global is Purdue University's new online university taylored to working adults. The presentation will discuss online student learning.
Alison Brown Bill Sullivan, Ph.D. -- Showalter Professor Pharmacology & Toxicology Microbiology & Immunology Indiana University School of Medicine “Pleased to Meet Me: How Genes, Germs, and the Environment Make Us Who We Are”: (Sub: 3/5/2019) Why are you attracted to a certain "type?" Why are you a morning person? Why do you vote the way you do? We're constantly seeking answers to these fundamental human questions, and now, science has the answers. The foods we enjoy, the people we love, the emotions we feel, and the beliefs we hold can all be traced back to our DNA, germs, and environment. This lecture will be popular science at its best, describing in everyday language how genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, and psychology work together to influence our personality and actions.
Springer Indiana Ct of Appeals -- Judge Margaret Robb Oral Argument: (Sub: 3/5/2019) This will be the oral argument by the attorneys in a real life case before a three judge panel. The judges will take questions of a general nature (not on this case) afterward.
Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt David C. Matlack, DVM -- Lecturer & Director, Physiology Teaching Labs IU Bloomington Medical Sciences JH 104, 1001 East 3rd Street Bloomington, IN 47405 Malaria: History and Current Status: (Sub: 3/11/2019) As the leading parasitic disease in terms of morbidity and mortality, malaria gets extensive treatment in his BIOL-M375 Human Parasitology course at IU Bloomington.